From The Chief Editor's Desk

Welcome to a new and exciting year! This past year has given us the opportunity to bring you many articles that hopefully enhanced your PCLOS and Linux experiences. The Staff and myself are looking forward to another year of bringing you many more such experiences this year. This issue will be the first with our new and much improved layout theme (we hope you enjoy it!.)

This issue has more interesting articles including one which will teach you the basic commands used to find out information about your system, hardware, etc.

We also have articles on how to repair kdeinit problems, a new script to compress directories and still have easy access to them, and a review of the new Parted Magic CD. We have links to great tutorials on using both The Gimp and Inkscape.

You will also find a short plea for helping both the Mag Staff and the Documentation Team in transferring as many articles from previous issues of the Mag to the Wiki as possible. I proposed this idea to the Documentation Team but they are understaffed, as are we here at the Mag. If you are interested in helping out the entire PCLOS community by donating a little time and effort, then please follow the instructions you will find in the article.

Enough of the ramblings of you old Chief Editor so read on and give us some feedback. Articles, Tips, and Tricks are also welcome! :)


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