I am new to Linux so I have tried several Linux distros. Linspire and Freespire were the most unstable I have used. They froze with great regularity and the only way out was to reboot. Open SuSe had nothing to offer. Ubuntu worked, but barely and I was never able to install a program no matter what I tried.

I discovered PCLinuxOS by accident and was blown away at what an absolutely awesome product it is. Everything worked. It just worked. I believe this distro is ready for prime time and it is the only distro in Linux out there that is. I really put it through the grind but could not get it to freeze once. The look rivals Windows Vista and the best part about it is its free!!!.

I have already introduced it to others who are thrilled with it. As soon as folks find out about PCLinuxOS, it will soar to number one in Linux distros and begin to really compete with Windows. If I were Bill Gates, I would definitely be concerned.

Oscar Easler