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Another good source of information for anyone new to PCLinuxOS is the Wiki. If you have any howtos, tips, or tricks, you can send them on to me at: and then go to the Wiki and post them there also. This will benefit our readers and by posting them in the Wiki it will benefit everyone who uses PCLinuxOS. Below you will find several links to places where you can lend a hand in many different ways.

Sign up here: sign up to these forums for a login to the forums and this wiki and then you can:

  • Make changes to this Wiki. =)
  • If you want to participate more heavily, post a note in "add me to a project" to request documentation channel access and let us know your interests.
  • Subscribe to the documentation mailing list
  • Sign up at the main forums (if you have not already) since this Wiki will be moved over there soon.
  • Discuss or help with the todo list. It's very helpful to hear your opinions, because it lets us know what's important to you.
  • Edit and discuss pages Just check out a page or two, edit it and contribute a little. Even a spelling correction is a big boost. At the top of every page is a 'discussion' tab. Click it to visit that page's "talk page" and add your comments. Sign your comments with four tilde characters: ~~~~ and your signature will be automatically added.
  • Be a Gnome. Wiki gnomes are always around without being underfoot. They fix typos, answer questions, and are the magical element which makes a Wiki work well. These are the things you can do to be the best gnome you can be

We are also trying to move as many of the articles that have been published in this magazine that are howtos, tips, tricks, etc to the Wiki so that both the Wiki and the Magazine will get more exposure and provide more useful information to more PCLinuxOS users. If you are interested in helping with this project please contact me at: To volunteer "create account" at the Wiki, then login and start at the "PclosMag2wiki" page. It is as simple as that. Doing any of these things listed above will be a service to everyone who uses PCLinuxOS and make it that much easier for anyone who wants to convert from Windows or even another Linux or BSD distro. This is an opportunity to contribute to the community and to those who are where you were once. I hope to see some of you there soon!


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