From the Chief's Desk

Welcome everyone to the eighteenth issue of PCLinuxOS Magazine. With the arrival of the new year we also brought you a new theme for our pdf readers. I would love to hear what you think of it. Please visit the forum at or drop me a line at: and let us know what you think.

This month we are bringing you more interesting articles that will allow you to recover from a lost root password or setup a dualhead monitor using an Nvidia graphics card. You will also find out how to setup Joomla with it's own server to give you the basics to begin learning how to use Joomla to build your own website. Ever wanted to learn how to code? This month's article on RealBasic will get you started.

Next month will have an updated article on installing and setting up Dansguardian on your child's computer to give you some peace of mind while your child ventures out on the web. We also need your input on articles that you would like to see or, send us one on the usefulness and configuration of your favorite application. You can also send us stories of how you came to Linux and the journey to your decision to use PCLinuxOS. We would also like to see some opinion articles on computer related subjects that you feel strongly about.

Enough ramblings from an old geek. Page down and read away!


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