Just wanted to tell my experience with PCLinuxOS. I found it the best home desktop on top of kde, even my 10 year old nephew does some computing on it without any hassles. Computing was never this easy. Now we both are waiting for the next pclos release. If Linux is a good option to computing, then pclos is a good option to Linux.
Keep up the job!!

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Welcome to the community! There are many here who share your opinion. Keep spreading the word.


Just wanted to tell you that I think you have one of the easiest to install and easiest to use Linux distros out there. I have an older Dell Latitude Cpi laptop I wanted to put Linux on. Tried several other distros, could not get any of them to work quite right. Popped in the PCLinuxOS cd, and everything worked as it was supposed to. Apparently your distro is better suited to laptops than some of the other ones.

Jim Fortune

With the great variety of PCLOS derivatives there should be something that works on just about anything. Welcome!


Just wanted to say thanks for a great distro. You guys are a mile ahead of the pack. I recently decided to try other distros on some of the family computers (we have 4 not counting my laptop) and they're all back to PCLinuxOS. Some were a nightmare, others just disappointing, but its alright because it just makes me appreciate PCLinux that much more. The forums and chat support are outstanding. I'd like to give a couple of examples, I had a minor config issue and quickly got a responce from Texstar himself. Another occasion I requested a game be added to the repo and it was added in less than 24 hours with a message from Texstar. I know the second wasn't a tech issue but I found it very impressive that as busy as you guys must be, to take the time to get something as irrelevant as a game out in such a short time just shows your commitment to your users. I can't say thanks enough.


We are all spoiled here by Tex and the Gang's commitment. Glad you have found your Linux home.


Hi there.

Being new to the linux system I was having a hard time getting what I wanted, ie: making it work for me rather than the other way round. PCLOS has delivered the goods where the others could not and it has sustained my interest in linux.
Thank you.


New convert

Welcome to our community! I am glad you have found PCLinuxOS to be the one to keep you in the world of Linux and Open Source. PCLinuxOS has become the the "distro hopper stopper" for many of us.