From the Chief's Desk

Welcome back to another great issue of PCLinuxOS Magazine. I have been working on our website attempting to make it easier for you, the readers, to access the past issues from our homepage. I have also added quite a few PCLOS related links. If you have any Linux related links that you would like to share please visit our website and you will find a link under the User's menu to submit them. I will sort through them and categorize them to make them readily accessible to every visitor to the site. Also, as always, please visit our Forum and post your comments, criticisms, ideas, or anything you would like to say.

Our articles this month bring you a howto on managing your iPod with Amarok, Chapter 2 - Part 2 of the KDE User Guide, a quick fix for a corrupted Xorg.conf file, an independent review of PCLinuxOS 2007, a short and to the point opinion piece and Something Different by our friendly monthly contributor Gary Ratliff. We are going to spread the testimonials throughout the Mag this month instead of being bunched at the beginning. Your opinions and comments on this change will be greatly appreciated.

I will now let you get to the parts of the Mag that you are truly interested in and leave you with a hearty READ ON!!!


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