Testimonial 1

Some time ago I decided to try PCLinuxOS 2008 MiniMe as Ubuntu Gutsy was no longer filling my needs - I was spending my time working for it, not vice-versa.

I had installed this distro, along with a couple of others, to test out alternatives. At first it was just to see if it was hardware problems on my part. But as I played a bit with Mint, Mepis, and PCLOS, I began to be lured out of the *buntu world. Now, I'm not saying anything bad about Ubuntu. It was just *very* buggy on *my* system, but I understand that it works great for millions, so more power to them. However, the more and more that I've been using PCLOS, slowly the others have been deleted, and their partition space given to PCLOS. Until...

...I took the last step tonight, and devoted my entire hard drive to PCLOS.

The more I used it, the more I realized that it is what a distro *should* be, in every imaginable way. I don't have to fight with it to get it to work, it just *does*. Bug reports don't get ignored for years at a time. I can't even *find* bugs Shocked It uses the best of everything out there, in one common distro. That's the magic. That, and the stability. Oh, and the out of the box functionality. Oh, and my not having to first delete 55 programs I'll never use before I install the ones I will. Oh, and.... well.... I guess *this* part could run for pages.

So, count me among the faithful. I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for my *first love*, but I've moved on. My new man is hunky Tongue Elegant, easy, beautiful, and has style.

Ok, I'm in. When do I get my secret decoder ring?


Testimonial 2

I am having such fun with this distro! The more I work with it, the easier it appears. I have used other O S's but discovered this one last year. I do not use blogs or chat rooms, but felt it was time for me to come out so to speak and extol the virtues of Pclos.

I was given a disc in May and installed it on my spare machine. Nothing fancy: home-made tower. Tried it for an hour.

  • No blue screen.
  • No error messages.
  • No freezing.
  • No pages sticking.

This was the answer to all my dreams. An operating system that works and one that a female can use, mess around with and feel at home with! So, since that hour test and play I have slowly transfered all my research data and files to the spare unit. I use synaptic every week ang have had no problems what so ever.

I found this forum after connecting to the WWW. The help and advice is second to none. The camaraderie is noteworthy. The insights in Sandbox are mind-blowing. I find the whole forum entertaining.

C. S-C. aka Ice Maiden.

Testimonial 3

Hi ..

Tex, The Gang, and the users on these forums make this distro a winner. I've been using Linux since RedHat 5.1, but I went 100% Linux when I found 0.93 PC gaming started to bore me 3 or 4 years ago, so I guess I could have switched a couple of years earlier than I did, but I felt multimedia was lacking a little er, 'polish' back then. i'm just a general home-user nowadays after being brought up on BBC Micro's and briefly flirting with assembler and BASIC back then, most of which I have since forgotten.

What enabled me to switch from Win to Linux full time, was Big Daddy 0.93. I was never able to set up dual head successfully on any other Linux until then, so then I stuck with it.

Most other distro's required, as far as I was concerned, too much messing around to get simple stuff done, sure, it *could* be done, and I love tweaking and learning and working stuff out, but I didn't want to spend, for example, 3 or 4 days getting something like twinview enabled and then finding, I had to spend another week digging through code to do something else I needed.

I just wanted a distro, that was sufficiently desktop orientated, well thought-out, and had the promise of being able to 'tick all the boxes' for my OS needs, without taking away the Linux-ness out of the OS.

Tex's attention to detail is key.. sure there are plenty of other desktop Linux's about, but PCLinuxOS, over any other distro I have tried, strikes the right balance between taking away the frustration and niggles of other distro's while still allowing development and tinkering, and of course, its interesting and fun.

Very Nice work.. and Thank you.


Testimonial 4

Hello everybody,

I'll start by saying that if it weren't for PCLOS, I would've probably completely abandoned the idea of using Linux... Here's why.

I've been a - satisfied - XP user for almost 7 years now. Of course, I've had my share of problems, but I love "playing around" with my computer, so I've always ended up by finding a solution. Going a bit further than just "clicking" "next" and "finish" was on of the reasons I wanted to try Linux. That and the fact that ever since I discovered open source/free software, I have practically let go all other software. So I decided that I should apply that for my OS to.

I started by doing some research, so as to decide which distro would best fit my needs. Coming from XP, I opted for KDE desktop, and downloaded Mandriva, Kubuntu, OpenSuse Mepis, Freespire, PCLOS, darn Small and Puppy. My laptop is not that old, but not so young anymore either... PIV@3ghz, 1.2gos, 120gos HDD, ATI 9000 igp, INPROCOMM 2220 wifi... After reading through some articles, I discovered that it is a pretty high end machine for Linux requirements. I started by Live CDs (resizing and partitioning kind of scared me...) but after one or two tries I realized that if I really wanted to test anything I had to install it, and Gparted is actually really great!

The first distro I tried was Mandriva. Looked good, pretty responsive on my machine, recognized almost all my hardware, came with ndiswrapper installed BUT after one day I could not connect to my wifi network. Of course, it worked through Ethernet, but my modem is in a place where I would need a really long cable and that is something I do not want to do every time I want to connect...

Then I tried Kubuntu. Having heard/read a lot of good things about it, I had high hopes... It ended up being quite disappointing. Wifi card not recognized, no ndiswrapper, knetworkmanager kept crashing and OMG was it slow to boot...

OpenSuse was a disaster. Display issues, hardware not recognized (my touchpad mainly which made pretty much everything impossible) so it did not stay very long on my computer...

MEPIS was quite good, but again I could not connect to my wifi network (and you can trust me, I tried really REALLY HARD to make it work) so I continued my quest...

Freespire was a second disaster. Something went wrong during the install, so I didn't have acces to the Grub anymore so I couldn't boot anything!!! After a small panic attack, I booted form the liveCD and started installing again and this time it worked. It even recognized my wifi card "out of the box" but once again, it was IMPOSSIBLE to connect to my network...

Then, came PCLOS... "And God said, let there be PCLOS: and there was PCLOS. And the PCLOS which God willed, he approved of. God saw PCLOS, that it was good".

Smooth install, the most responsive of all other distros, good boot time, everything worked "out of the box", and most important, I was finally able to connect to my wifi network... It's only been a week, but I am extremely satisfied. Haven't really tried anything complicated yet, but I can more or less do everything I used to do with windows. For the time being I am dual booting but chances are that PCLOS will end up taking all my HDD...

Last but not least, I cannot not mention how friendly and responsive the "forumers are" although I haven't really encountered any serious problem yet! But I have already used many interesting tips to configure my system!

Thanks for a really great distro! Keep up the excellent work!


Testimonial 5

While this could turn in to a long, rambling, mind numbing read I'll try to keep it short.

I have been using Linux in some form or another for almost ten years now. I tried RedHat, Suse, and settled on Mandrake (7.2) and used it happily while it went to 8.0 then 9 (i think), but it was when they went to Mandriva that I looked for something that would just work. I do server admin work and command line has always been my configuration method, but I wanted a desktop that required little effort.

I stumbled across PCLOS and it was magic. It found both my sound cards and set them up for me. (i never could get this to work in other distros) The Nvidia drivers installed perfectly and 3D was excellent. I had them installed in Mandrake, but it took a lot of trial and error. Americas Army was now playable, Doom 3 ran like a champ. My wife had never seen a Linux computer before we met. I made her an account and showed her kmail, firefox, and frostwire. She had no problems adjusting to Linux and now rarely ever asks "how do I ..." All that in just over a year.

So I would just like to take this time to thank Tex and all the others who make this (IMHO) the best and easiest Linux OS to use on a daily basis. Keep up the hard work and don't let the man get you down!