PCLinuxOS Magazine June 2008
Issue 22

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  • From the Chief's DeskSpring has sprung and summer is upon us (at least in my part of the world) and I welcome you back to another interesting issue.
  • User's TestimonialsNew user's reactions to PCLOS.
  1. What is "root"? One of the things I have found in helping new Linux users understand the Linux way of doing things, is that the concept of "root" can be a bit perplexing.
  2. KDE Desktop on PCLinuxOSChapter 3: Files and Folders
  3. How to configure a five button mouseUsing PCLOS 2007, you will need to open Synaptic and install imwheel and add two lines to /etc/X11/imwheel/startup.conf.
  4. Google GoodiesCongratulations to Google which has shown itself to be a strong friend of Linux. They offer many items which you may wish to install on your system. I hope you will find one or several you enjoy.
  5. Help with documentationThis is an opportunity to contribute to the community and to those who are where you were once.
  6. PCLinuxOS Based DistrosJust thought I would try and bring everyone a list of currently active PCLinuxOS based distros.
  7. User provided tips
    • How to turn off Kde "Open with" file dialog
    • How to update your PCLinuxOS system
    • How to burn an iso (CD) in Windows
    • How to upgrade from PCLOS 2007 to PCLOS 2008
    • You have just installed PCLinuxOS 2007, so what do you do next?
  8. PCLOS Case sticker InfoGet rid of those "Designed for Microsoft Windows" stickers and get "Powered by PCLinuxOS" instead!