Message from the Interim Chief Editor

Hello PCLinuxOS user,

It's been three years when the idea of PCLinuxOS Magazine was first discussed among a few volunteers over at MyPCLinuxOS. And after three years, it had its share of ups and downs but it held on tight for the wild and crazy ride.

The magazine was loved and shunned; it was longed for and then forgotten. It had its faithful followers and one-time dealers. It was even declared dead but really, it is alive and kicking.

PCLinuxOS Magazine is once again resurfacing from its slumber to bring The Monthly Editions back to you, our beloved readers. We have reorganized our team, and I take great pleasure, as this month's interim chief editor, to introduce to you to PCLinuxOS Magazine's new Chief Editor, Paul Arnote (aka parnote). In this issue, we have the rise of another project from its ashes, the XFCE Phoenix. We also have contributors who will be writing for our magazine on a regular basis. Check out the Forum Foibles and other new columns such as the Packagers' Portal, Flashback, the Command Line Corner, and many more.

Stay with us from page one through to the last page, and tell us what you think of the NEW PCLinuxOS Magazine. And if you want to just see what's going on in the preparation of each monthly, join us on our mailing list. But most of all, don't forget to visit our website. See you next month.


PCLinuxOS and it artwork and colors are the trademark of Texstar.

The NEW PCLinuxOS Magazine is a monthly online publication that is primarily published for the members of the PCLinuxOS community. It is comprised of volunteers from the PCLinuxOS community and PCLinuxOS users who are dedicating time and effort into put together a monthly online publication containing PCLinuxOS-related articles and materials.


This release was made possible by the following volunteers:

Interim Chief Editor:
Archie Arevalo
Tim Robinson
Paul Arnote
Neal Brooks
Emma Avedissian
Galen Seaman
Mark Szorady
Andrew Strick
Patrick Horneker
Macedonio Fernandez
Guy Tayler