Forum Foibles

Did you notice there's a new forum member named gregholg? Seems he's a bit of the frog-faced YoYo that has trouble deciding on a desktop. He's posted pictures of at least ten great desktops, and then I stopped counting.

Bona has a terrific signature: BE HAPPY: Linuxers are coming.

And just to prove Bona's right grnich, Archie, ambertone, trustytrev, PaulW and kallethen have all been a braggin' that their kids or grandkids age 8 and under are already Linux Pros. Takes one to know one!

Over heard in topic "Switched from Ubuntu: PCLinuxOS 2009 is GREAT!!!!!"

sammy2fish: "We all must seemingly stray at times."

Not ten lines later:

sammy2fish: "It is too much like home."

Something fishy here. Would you mind repeating that, sammy2fish? A quick look at his profile....male over 40. Guilty until proven innocent!

Fish stimulates the brain, but fishing stimulates the imagination. Thomas Dewar

Then there's maddogf16 trying to make connections.

maddogf16: "just for fun....."

Did you vote in maddogf16's Sandbox poll Connection Speeds? Seems he started the thread and never returned. Must have not not have been any fun.

We are still waiting. How much longer do we have to wait?

On May 21, 2009, 03:42:42 AM, exwintech admitted: I Just Need to Say Something... I checked it and I checked it twice looking for something naughty or nice.

exwintech, if you got something naughty to say, you don't need a forum. Get thee to the confessional!

F.Luent in Sandbox: "When my doctor tells me to cut back on beer, I'll know it's time to find a new doctor."

Lots of forum folks looking for a new doctor.

Take ms_meme's sobriety test: Count the number of times the word 'beer' has been used in the forum.