Testimonial: ex-Windows Convert

by demag

After years of using (and hating) Mr Gates' products I am now free! Every new version of Windows brought more and more problems with it, from old programs that wouldn't run, the infamous BSOD, slower and slower boot and shutdown times. The list is never ending.

I had played around with Linux for a few years and had tried a few distro's like Mepis, Puppy, Fedora and others. Much as I liked them, they all seemed to have their own little problems and I never really thought "yes, this is the one!"

Then earlier this year when Internet Explorer had once again slowed to an absolute crawl I decided that I had to seriously do something to rid myself of the problem. I looked around and read various reviews for a few weeks and installed Fedora 9 on a backup PC I had. It was OK and probably the best distro I had used at the time but it still didn't have that spark I was looking for.

Then reading more reviews, I noticed one about PCLinuxOS and its suitability for migrating Windows users. I had already downloaded the 2007.1 ISO last year and decided to bite the bullet and try it. After installing it on my PC, I knew straight away that I liked the format of it but I was having graphics problems and asked on the forum for help. Eventually I was advised to download 2009.1 iso and as soon as I did all the problems vanished.

I am indebted to all the hard working people on here as I now know I will be using PCLOS for a long time to come. This distro is what I have been looking for all these years!