PCLinuxOS Gnome 2009

PCLinuxOS Gnome

PCLinuxOS Gnome is a community project of the original PCLinuxOS.

Even though PCLinuxOS is primarily a KDE distribution, some prefer the GNOME as a default desktop install. This makes ones that may be new to linux in general to have a ready made GNOME desktop without the inconvience of downloading, installing and configuring the whole GNOME desktop from a PCLinuxOS (KDE) install. Most PCLinuxOS Gnome packages are from the original PCLinuxOS repositories with added custom made packages for the GNOME version.

Since this is a community driven operating system most of the ready made installed programs are requested by the community for our community users. The PCLinuxOS Gnome distribution is totally free to download, use and install on a compatable pc. If you are new to GNU/Linux and would like to know more about this operating system I encourage you to visit the forum read and understand more about this operating system.