Welcome From the Chief Editor

by Paul Arnote

Yes, indeed. These are very exciting times for PCLinuxOS. Texstar and the developers continue to tweak and tune the PCLinuxOS 2010 beta releases, in preparation for their (very near) final release. The forum is ablaze with excitement as the community helps to fine tune the beta releases.

As the PCLinuxOS community marches towards the eventual and emminent final release of PCLinuxOS 2010, there are no shortage of topics to cover. To start off with, I recap the state of the current beta releases over the last month. I then take a look at the sense of community among PCLinuxOS users, in Community: The Heart & Soul of PCLinuxOS. The magazine continues its look at the new features of KDE 4, with KDE 4: KDE Control Center's New Look, KDE 4: KSystemLog Reveals Your Log Files, and KDE 4: KWin's Desktop Effects a Winner.

Agapov Sergey gives us some direction on setting up a fake RAID array in PCLinuxOS. Dan Malewski starts us off on what is planned to be an every other month feature, with Gimp From A Beginner's Perspective: Part 1. Peter Kelly delivers the latest installment of his article series, Command Line Interface Intro: Part 7. Gary Ratliff, Sr. explores another computer programming language, in his series Computer Languages A to Z: J.

ms_meme has been busy this past month, as well. Her usual columns are back, with Forum Foibles: Forum Fools, and ms_meme's Nook: Linux Fool. She also delivers two more songs, with Vim Vim Veree: ms_meme's Tribute To Vim, and Beta, Beta, Beta: ms_meme's Beta Tribute. Additionally, ms_meme writes a beginner's view of Vim, in Vim, Vigor & Vinegar. It is also her artwork from the PCLinuxOS Forum topic, ms_meme's Neighborhood, that graces the cover and the Table of Contents page this month.

Mark Szorady delivers another dose of his monthly cartoon, Double Take, and accompanies it with another of Mark's Quick Gimp Tips. We explore another Linux game this month, in Game Zone: Crack Attack! Robert Stahl walks us, step­by­step, through printing from PCLinuxOS to a printer attached to a computer running Microsoft Vista. Leiche gives us a glimpse at MediaInfo, a utility in PCLinuxOS that provides information on your media files.

We also have two testimonials this month. One, takes a look at The Road To KDE 4, while the other, Loving The Beta!, takes a look at running the PCLinuxOS 2010 Beta.

With the beehive of activity surrounding PCLinuxOS, it would be a great idea to check in frequently to both the PCLinuxOS home page, as well as the PCLinuxOS Forum. I suspect that it won't be long before the final release version of PCLinuxOS is ready to roll out the door.

Until then, I wish each of you peace, serenity and tranquility … and I'll see you next month!

Paul Arnote [parnote]
PCLinuxOS Magazine Chief Editor