PCLinuxOS Beta Update

by Paul Arnote (parnote)

By now, most everyone knows about the PCLinuxOS 2010 Betas that have recently been released. So much so, that PCLinuxOS climbed to the #2 position on DistroWatch.com, based largely on the release of the public beta. The developers have been incredibly busy working out the few snags that remain, and updating packages — all in preparation for the final release.

The last month has seen the release of the PCLinuxOS 2010 Beta, based on KDE 4.4.1. We have also seen the public release of betas for PCLXDE, Phoenix, Gnome, Zen Mini, and Enlightenment. All were built on the stable core put together by Texstar. The PCLXDE 2010 beta release was remastered by Neal Brooks. Sproggy worked on the XFCE Phoenix remaster, while Siamer worked on assembling the Zen Mini version. The Gnome version was put together by Slick50, and Linuxera created the PCLinuxOS e17 version.


PCLinuxOS 2010 Beta 2, running KDE 4.4.1

With all the public betas that have been released, there is literally a version of PCLinuxOS for every person, representing all the major desktop environments, that is capable of running on the widest variety of equipment, old and new. For users with older, more modest equipment, PCLXDE, Phoenix and e17 represent very responsive and lightweight desktop environments that run very well on legacy equipment. For users with newer computers, PCLinuxOS 2010 (running KDE 4.4.1) and PCLinuxOS Gnome offer full-featured, responsive desktops.

Stay tuned to the PCLinuxOS home page and the PCLinuxOS Forum for release information. The final versions of all the versions of PCLinuxOS are very near.