Dear PCLinuxOS: A Letter To Texstar

Dear PCLinuxOS,

Wow! Is the word describing your operating system. Hi! my name is Richard better known as rskit2002 on the internet.

I was born with a brain disorder and declared mentally handicapped at the age of six. Since then, all of my life was dictated for me, from the clothes I wore to the food I ate. I have never lived alone and did not know what independence was, that is, till my government came up with a program that would free the "not so severely" handicapped and give us some part of our independence back.

Through this program I was able to obtain an apartment, decide what I am going to eat, wear, and what time I am going to sleep. I still have staff come to my home and see if I am doing things correctly. The government gives me an allowance every month which I never see, because I am not able to handle money. I don't think it is a lot because when the staff take me to the store, I am often turned down for the things I ask for. I would love one of those new computers they have at the store because mine is slow, "turtle slow" but I would never complain because someone gave me this computer and I am forever grateful, which takes my story to you.

How does PCLinuxOS help me? (Well), let me count the ways!


What most people take for granted, I take as a gift. I program my Linux to remind me of every thing, from cleaning my house, to taking out the garbage, washing my dishes, time to take a shower, brush my teeth, getting dressed, time to eat, time for bed, make the bed, make a grocery list, make appointments with doctors, keep appointments, which staff member is coming over each day … and the list is endless.

On the entertainment side: I use my Linux for watching movies, playing music, surfing the net, checking email, writing letters, looking up information, playing games, and chatting with friends.

I love my Linux because it lets me do all of these things and make it look the way I want. I am trying to convince the staff to let Linux handle my finances. So far, they did not say (no).

So again … Thank you PCLinux and the community for this great and I mean GREAT operating system. I LOVE YOU ALL!