Welcome home, Friend!

  • The friendly community here should make you feel right at home. Set a spell. Kick your shoes off. Enjoy!
  • Lots of smart, interesting, friendly, funny people here!!!! (and some who are also a little crazy!!!!)
  • Loving my new found friend in PC Linux OS 2009.2.
  • Thanks for the friendly help fellas.
  • Glad you feel at home by now. Friendly support is the best and you can find it here.
  • Friendliest, most helpful forum I have ever been with. Very grateful to all the PCLinuxOS team.
  • And the forums are filled with friendly folks who really go out of their way to help you get your system running tip-top!
  • You will learn, you will make friends and you will laugh if you use this forum.
  • And don't be afraid to ask anything you need here. Everyone here is very friendly and helpful,
  • We're a fun loving bunch. One thing about friends who have fun together, we always forgive each other, in the morning, no matter what. So, come join in the fun!
  • Welcome to our friendly little corner of the penguin universe. You don't have to be crazy to be here, but it helps.
  • The PCLOS community is still the most helpful and friendly forum in the Linux world.
  • To all our new friends, welcome to the boards and the community.
  • I really want to keep this distro because of the great and friendly support I've received.
  • I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay here and as always Welcome new friend.
  • This forum … Friendly and Helpful exactly what it says on the can.
  • PCLinuxOS sold me with it's speed, ease-of-use, and stability, but the friendly help I found on the forums sealed the deal.
  • PCLOS forum 'tis the friendliest.
  • Everyone here is helpful and friendly, so don't hesitate if you have a problem or want to chat!
  • Thanks all for the friendly replies. I shall do my best to be worthy.
  • Thank you my dear friend & fellow countryman !!
  • Friends from different walks of life open one's eyes.
  • Ask whatever you need people here are very friendly.
  • We're all looking for the same outcome, a fixed problem, and a happy community friend.
  • Again, thanks for the friendly welcome.
  • You'll find the community here is very friendly and helpful.
  • I predict that you'll find friendly, helpful assistance from folks right here on the PCLinuxOS forum.