Greetings From A New PCLinuxOS User

by bluejay


Well, let's see. I've been at this Linux bit for quite a few years, starting with Mandrake 8.1, which I purchased new in a box. (That's about 8 or more years ago.) It was a lot of fun tooling around with this geeky new OS back then, and I was thrilled with the concept of a community surrounding it (and Linux in general). The OS was pretty amazing too!

I used Mandrake for a year or so, but eventually moved to RedHat because I saw it as a "big boy's" Linux and more "hard core" and challenging.

Then, Fedora came out and I used that for many years, until one day, (out of nothing more than boredom and curiosity), I decided to give Ubuntu a try and was instantly hooked for the next several years.

During all this time I played around with about a dozen other distros, from Debian to Gentoo to FreeBSD. Although I'd see PCLinuxOS pop up on the radar from time to time, I really never paid much attention, until the other day when I noticed that it had reached the #2 spot on a certain major Linux site. I also read a number of glowing reviews about it. So, the other day I decided to give it a try. I found that not only was it gorgeous, but it contained everything I needed and nothing I didn't. It was perfect.

My particular interest in it revolves around the server-end of things, and it seems to have a wonderful array of server features built-in. That's one of the things that impressed me. BIND, Host definitions, FTP, Mail, etc.

Well, That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Anyway, I'm glad to be here and looking forward to fitting into the community here!.