Forum Foibles: A Rose By Any Other Name …

UncleV started a topic in the forum that was fun
About our user names from where did they come
The response was epic so many willin' to share
Creativeness ran rampant each had a special flare

PCLinuxOS users are surely a special breed
Extraordinary people with that we're all agreed
So here are our stories for everyone to see
They will be in the magazine for all eternity

I see intriguing nicknames here in the forum. So what do our nicknames mean or why did we choose them?

"V" because my real name starts with it."uncle" because I thought here, like in almost every other forum, I would be one of the oldest … uncleV

My nickname = My First name + First letter of my last name. AndrzejL

My name is my name. Neal

As for the nick, raven was our high school mascot, cuervo is one of my favorite beverages, y los cuervos son mis hermanos. Other stuff, too, and the longer I have kept the nick the more fond of it I've become. ElCuervo

Mine nickname came from the first email address I setup for college. I had been given an email for doing some work for a friend who ran an ISP from his home and my wife (now ex) was jealous. So my sister and I setup an mail through the university I was attending and choose amoeba (a single–cell organism that only thinks of food and sex). Then years later when I started working for the same university, that was still linked to my name and was made into my 'career account'. amoeba

Wayne is my name and 1932 is the year I was born. Simple. wayne1932

Mine's easy too … Meemaw. is what my grandchildren call me. MeeMaw

ath are my initials and aki was just something I tacked on that sounded cool to me. athaki

Mine came from some of the antics I did while racing as a youngster! Wildman

When I first moved out and got my own internet connection, I had to pick my email address. Every nickname I have in real life was taken. Since I had just got married, I went with Marriedman. Funny thing is, no one ever seems to have that name anywhere I go. Never on IRC or any email places. marriedman

my nickname is a play on punctuation. jaydot

JohnW is John + William, my birth names (in English). My real name in Dutch see in my profile. Using JohnW_57 on IRC and mailing lists (57 is year of birth). JohnW

I was born a chimp and raised by penguins that called me JOE. joechimp

I ain't nuthin' but a hounddog so I'm called hounddog. hounddog

Since there are four different ways to spell my first name, Eliot, OneL is something I have been saying to people for most of my life. It also happens to be my apartment number. OneL

Mine is a semi–futurist rendering of my first name, Ryan(Xyon), which was then partially latinized by inflicting the name with the gender denoting suffix '-us' and removing the '-on'. It's a bit more complicated than that, but that's the summary. Xyus

No mystery here.g = first letter of my first name r = first letter of my middle name nich = first few letters of my last name grnich

Andy is my first name. And as far as Axnot is concerned, don't ask! AndyAxnot

When my kids aged 4 (or 5) I had to sign in on a game site to play against them (I lost) The kids forced me to a nick, in there eyes I am (was) the Boss of the puter so it should be The Boss, in Dutch, De Baas. Since then DeBaas it is. DeBaas

when i was young i required a nickname, maybe for a game so i wanted something simple and fast to write T6 was my choice it has no relation with my real name, age or anything else, it serves very well its purpose keeps me anonymous but recognizable T6

My nickname is obvious to car folks … the car of my life, purchased used way back in the 70s. Together we have both aged well … even if we creak and leak a bit. MGBguy

Mark is my middle name (and what everyone calls me) and 342 is a semi–random number that was chosen because of the pattern it makes on the keyboard when entering it in. keyboard layout: 1234567890, start at 3 go right one go back to three and go left one. Yeah, its really lame.Mark342

Mine means 'No Angel' (zero being the mathematical equivalent of 'none'). When I was a kid, I used to play a video game called Armored Core, where you get to design a combat robot and use it to battle other combat robots in mission scenarios – you could have 3 in your garage and give them their own names, paint schemes and part loadouts (like generators, FCS, leg parts, arm parts, weapons systems, etc). I made one which was optimized for attacking from the air and called it Zero Angel. I liked the name and it stuck with me. Zero Angel

'Padma' is based on the character Padma the Outbond, from Gordon Dickson's Childe Cycle series of stories. Gordie chose his name to reflect Padma Sambhava, an 8th–century Buddhist monk. The connotation intended is 'wise old man'. (Yeah, I know, at 55 I'm merely in the middle of the pack, here. ) I started using it nearly a decade ago when I joined the Civilization Fanatics Center (see sig), and correctly assumed that I would be one of the older ones there. In combination with my Basset Hound avatar, it makes me "anonymous, but recognizable". Padma

i got my nick from my sweet finnish mother-in-law … she is unable to pronounce my real (and very simple) name. luikki

I always figured if I can … YouCanToo YouCanToo

Well, mine's nothing special. First letter is also the first letter of my first name. The rest is my last name. Not very imaginative. djohnston

Mine isn't very exciting or interesting. The first 3 letters are also the first 3 letters of my wife's first name. The next 3 letters are the first 3 letters of my first name. And here you most likely concluded that it had something to do with Martial Arts. It also has nothing to do with my avatar. Ramchu

My birthright name is Sammuel (Sam will do). I am a pieces, the two fish facing in opposite directions. SAMmy2fish

The "K" is in honor of KDE, and "Storm" is a partial anagram of my real name KStorm

I like wolves. I like the concept of the "lone wolf" whether based in fact or not. There was also a movie by that name I thought was fairly decent. That should be "Wolfen" for the movie. weirdwolf

Short explanation: Dubigrasu was the name of my dog. dubigrasu

I have five brothers. I was third. ThirdOfSix

taelti is a mix of my first name and my cousins' name. Taelti

My nickname is a reference to my favorite hobby and pastime, a form of percussive dance called clogging. Clogging and Tap are sibling forms, the former being older and a true American folk dance. When clogging "went Broadway" it came to be known as Tap. Clogging remains a folk dance, blending native Appalachian, English, Dutch, and Irish dance. Imagine what "Hillbilly Riverdance" would look like, and that's pretty much an accurate picture. From square dance and reels to smooth and precision line (my specialty), clogging encompasses them all. Dixiedancer

Mine changes with every passing season or perhaps a full moon, much to the bewilderment and probable (yet unintended) annoyance of the community members. Google can give you an answer as to the what … Google nor I however, can give an explanation as to why. Just pity the nursing staff who will have to manage me once I get too old to care for myself. ChuckChunder

Well – longtom comes from a common translation error we Germans are famous for. "Lang" in German means "tall" in English. Most Germans not as fluent in the English language would readily translate "land" as "long". Since I am a pretty tall person I reckon long*** would be fine. It also mixed better than "tall". Now where does the ***tom came from. Dunno – just sounded good, I guess.. longtom

Mine is due to the fact that I'm a postal mechanic for the last 20 years and I work on LLV's, postal trucks, and 63 is the year of my birth … not real exciting huh … LLVMech_63

Mine is my name. Since I don't really worry about ID theft (you don't want to be Me) and I am sure I am already on "lists", I am not concerned. I have used the same since I got a computer in 2003. Peter Clayton Osmar. pcosmar

Ruel = first name 24 = Jeff Gordon NASCAR baby!!! Ruel24

Mine is work related, I am a 25 year veteran of the fire service for a small city in eastern Kentucky. ff for firefighter and 103 is my badge number. ff103

A former controller where I worked (~20 years ago) called me this, and it's kind of stuck, since. Yet, it's unique to this forum. For some bizarre reason, I choose different handles on different boards. pags

i got that name Sproggy from my dad introducing to people as his Sprog (child) and it has stuck all my life. Sproggy

My wife should probably to blame why I started to get interested in computers and especially Linux in the first place. So I guess it's quite natural that my forum name is formed from my first name, my wife's first name and my last name. anlem

I always liked programming and ever wanted to make my own company. When I was about 14 I first though of BigSoft, but somebody could have copyrathed that alreadt, so I though, nobody can copyright my name, that's where BP are from. software exlpaines itself. Since then I always use those where no anonimity is needed. BPsoftware

Mine is my name and the year I graduated High School. I think my brother copied me cause I'm just that cool. Lee2010

My nickname comes from my punkband could Kellerleichen. This name was given my mother … Music can you listen under my signature. Leichi

I spent 23 years in the U.S. Navy, the last 15 as a Chief Petty Officer or Senior Chief Petty Officer, and I was called "Chief" during all that time, plus, as MacLeod remarked in Highlander, "There can only be one," so "TheChief." Pretty self explanatory. I also use it almost everywhere. I only wish I could have put a space in it. Didn't think of an underscore, at the time. TheChief

My nick comes from the Latin, and English means unbreakable, strong. Infragilis

Mine is so people know how to pronounce my name correctly. GuypronouncedGuynotGuy

As very young teenagers in the 1950's we all had nicknames, nobby, meggsy, mine was crritter – I don't remember why but it stuck. I'm in my 60's now and still known by a few as critter. critter

pull a pint. One of my favorite things to do after a long hard day at the office. Ah who am I kidding. Any time of day is good. It's 5 O'clock somewhere! pullapint

I almost hate to post this because it pales in comparison to some of the other stories but … My last name is Bounds. I've had several friends over the years call me Boundzy – some of the other names I've been called wouldn't make it past the censor. boundzy was the first nickname I could think of when I joined my first forum and it's just stuck. At 43 years old, this is probably the only forum I've ever joined and lowered the average age of its members! bounzy

I'm share a kinship with djohnston … my forum "name" is simply my first initial, followed by my last name. But I suppose you already knew that, if you read The NEW PCLinuxOS Magazine. Like others here, I have nothing to hide. I know … not the most original … but it serves its purpose, and that's me to a tee … utilitarian: as long as it works. parnote

My first name is Sixth,, and my last name is Wheel, but you can call me Pete. sixthwheel

OK I wasn't going to post in this thread. But then I thought, "What the heck". I'll state the obvious. My name is Terry and my Last Name begins with a H. TerryH

Chose mine when I decided in the year 2000 that KDE would be my desktop of choice and was the year kde 2 was released. kde2k

Well, "marno" is an old email name and I wanted to add a linux-sounding name to the end of it. marnux

My nickname comes from a 1991 Ford Explorer I used to have. Me and my Wife always called the explorer an exploder. In reality the exploder was the most in–destructible vehicle I have ever owned. When I was trying to think of a nickname I got to thinking about a friend on a hardware forum that had passed away. My friend went by rangeral, his name was Al and he had a Ford Ranger. I put these thoughts together and chose "exploder" for my nickname. exploder

g = first initial (Galen) seaman = last name. No surprise. I try to keep my comments safe for anyone to see, so I don't need anonymity. As long as we talk about computers and software, it's no problem. The sandbox can be a bit of a minefield, though. gseaman

I used to race mountain bikes where I was known to my teammates as Davey Sprocket, "King of the Wild Front Gear" an obvious takeoff on Davey Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier, and yes, they sang it. The "brew" part comes from my active homebrewing hobby. The name of my brewery (yes, there is a brewery in the house), is Davey Sprocket's Brewery (complete with my own custom labels). So combine them, and there you have it. daveysprocketbrew

My nick is fairly obvious. I was extremely skinny when I was a kid. All my clothes were too big for me because most of them came from a cousin who was much bigger than me. My alcoholic father thought I looked like Gandhi and started calling me Gandy (pronounced like Randy). He continued to call me that til he eventually drank himself to death. I needed to change my email address because I was getting spammed to death. I use web mail so it was hard to pick one that wasn't in use by someone. I decided to use gandy as the first part and my last name as the last part. My avatar is Captain Kirk(I believe he's screaming Khaaaaaannnnnn!) my hero, along with James Bond, when I was a teenager. gandy

I have two younger brothers, one is only a few years younger and as kids we were great friends. When we watched "The Andy Griffith Show" together we used to love when Barny would call Andy "Andge". When learned that we had another brother on the way at about 6 and 8 we were freaked! Except for one thing. Our younger brother was born with Spina Bifida. What does that mean to an 8 year old? NOTHING. All it meant was that we didn't get to meat our new brother because he was in the hospital for the first 3 years of his life. We knew we had a brother but we had never seen him. All we knew about him was that his name was Andy. Um I mean, Randy. Our mistake for 3 years! Randy turned out to be quite a funny guy and we joked with him about our mistake and started calling him "Randge" in dedication to the nickname that Barney gave to Andy because we had mistakenly called him that for 3 years! My real name is Russell, and so "Randge" started calling me "Rudge" in loving return. At birth the doctors that delivered "Randge" suggested to my mom that she let him starve to death as he would never live. He has had countless major surgeries and spent the first 10 years of his life in body casts. He is and always has been my best friend. He is now almost 40 years old and lives a happy life as a popular trivia host at local bars and restaurants. The name Rudge means a lot to me and I have chatted, and created email accounts with it all my life. Rudge