Forum Foibles: Forum User Names, Part 2

In last months Forum Foibles
I featured names of users
All of them were really neat
And most of them were doozers
The topic was a popular one
It was read through and through
Since then more folks have come forth
So here is User Names Part 2

I had run across the Village of Osmar while researching my name, They have a winery there, and I would love to get some to try, and really just to have the labels. One of these days, when I have money. Anyone know the winning lottery numbers? My mother had traced it (the name) to Belgrade Serbia, but all records before that were lost (wars and such). It is also possible that it is of German decent. Interesting, but irrelevant. I am just another American Mutt.

I'm nearly 39 years old and still skateboard. Mostly longboards, downhill carving and flatland 'pumping'. Anyway the email address "oldmanskates at" shortened to "omskates". I'm glad to be here with you guys.

"malspa", M.A.L.'s Pa. I'm M.A.L.'s dad, and that's the most important thing I am.

Schtufbox is the name I make music under, can't remember why it popped into my head. I also go by the names Asharin and Zacharin in online games. Asharin because it sounded apt for a half elf in neverwinter nights … and it just stuck, Zacharin..well it rhymes with Asharin.

My nickname is my first name Robert shortened to Rob, then add birthday month and day. So,

Well the Pendragon part goes back to CB radio. Here in the UK, CB radio was illegal for a long time. Even today, the type used in the US still is. So back in the late 70 early 80's, if you used a CB, you were breaking the law. Strangely, you could buy one, own one, but using it would get you in trouble. Because of this, no one used there real names or talked in plain English. It was all codes and such. Most of the code came from the US. So as a 17 year old in his old Ford Escort, whippy aerials and all I had to come up with a name for myself, a handle. Due to my Cornish heritage, I came up with …

My nick is not related to any linux distro …

I couldn't come up with anything that sounded classy or very original and everyone I have worked with has either called me a beast or animal because of my work pace so I picked one of those. Besides, I really dig Animal from the muppets …

My first and last name scrunched up. Plus it sounds like something out of a Louis L'Amour book.

It is my Amateur Radio call sign. Amateur Radio license is issued by the Federal Communications Commission. The call signs issued by the FCC are in alphabetical order. I will use my call sign as an example. There is K, KA, KB, KC and so on. That is for the first part of the call sign. Now for the second part of the call sign, YHD. There is AAA, AAB, AAC, ABA, ABC and so on. Now for the region code, the "9" in my call sign shows which region I am in. The United States is divided into 9 different regions.

meme was the name of a make believe childhood friend. I still like make believe stuff. And I suppose we all do a bit of made up stuff here. When I joined the forum I needed a user name. Something not too, wild something not too tame. Wanted you to see me and never ever miss me. That's why I made my user name,