Timeth's Christmas Present

by Paul Arnote (parnote)

In December, 2010, PCLinuxOS artist Timeth presented the PCLinuxOS community with a suite of user and blog bars that users can download and use for branding and decorating their forum posts and emails. Timeth has created graphics that are attractive and easy on the eye, without being obnoxious and obtrusive.

Any visitor to the PCLinuxOS forum can bear testament to the popularity that these graphics have developed. Timeth's user bars encompass all of the desktop environments that PCLinuxOS is offered in, as well as status messages for PCLinuxOS users, administrators, moderators, and a host of other identifiers. Timeth even provided some special ones with customized messages.

Timeth hopes that users will use the user bars and blog "bling" to help get the word out about PCLinuxOS, attached to the signature portion of their email, as well as in their signatures in other forums that they may visit.

On behalf of the PCLinuxOS community, Timeth, we thank you for your gift to the community. To get your PCLinuxOS user bar, or a decorative graphic for your blog, head over to Timeth's web site and download the one (or ones … or all) you want.

And, to show our thanks, ms_meme has created an original bit of prose:

Thanks to you dear timeth for giving us user bars
You've made us feel so special we are PCLinuxOS stars

We show them off with pride for everyone to see
And we are so very glad that you are so art-sy