Greek Openfest

By Efstathios Iosifidis (diamond_gr)

In April 9th-10th, there was a FOSS event in Athens, Greece. The event called OpenFest ( and it was organized by students of Technological Educational Instituion of Pireaus.

The participants and the subjects of the talks were pretty interesting. First of all, we had presentations of the openSuse, Fedora, Arch Linux, EyeOS, FreeBSD and Gentoo distributions. There were also presentations of some programs such as Drupal, Firefox 4, platforms such as OBS and SUSE Studio, security of web servers and clients, FOSS in education, customizing Linux for academic purposes, and an introduction to Arduino. Some students had the opportunity to present their work. Four of them were the Self Balanced Robot (S-board), Quadcopter, Dingo-bot and Robo Avoider.

Other than that, there were booths from the openSUSE, Fedora and Ubuntu distros, where the visitors had the opportunity to learn about the features and also get new versions of the distros. There were also students with their work Self Balanced Robot (S-board), Quadcopter, Dingo-bot and Robo Avoider. Special events were an openSUSE 11.4 launch party and a Firefox 4 meet up. The festival in general was successful, despite small problems. Congratulations to the organizers. Here are some pictures from the event. 

Above: One of the conference areas

Above: openSUSE

Above: Fedora

Above: Quadcopter

Above: Robo-avoider

Above: The self-balanced robot

Above: The Organizers

The next event in Greece will be FOSSCOMM, at Patras on May. There are plans to hand out PCLinuxOS discs at that event.