Welcome From The Chief Editor (October 2011)

As fall arrives for the Northern Hemisphere, amidst all the ghosts, ghouls and goblins that will be popping up at the end of the month, it brings a lot of relief to many of us who literally baked in oven-like summer temperatures. In the Southern Hemisphere, a winter thaw is approaching, signaling a new summer season that is about to be ushered in.

Around PCLinuxOS, things have never cooled down. Work continues on the 64-bit repositories, as well as a new 64-bit PCLinuxOS ISO. New, specialized community remasters continue to populate the PCLinuxOS landscape, filling in niches previously uncovered. This can only mean increased appeal to computer users everywhere, as they look towards PCLinuxOS to fulfill their specialized needs and interests.


Vigilance is needed when dealing with the new users flooding into the PCLinuxOS Forum. We will be bombarded with endless questions about sudo, endless comparisons to ____________ distro (you fill in the blank with any number of possibilities), and those who just are not fully clued into other aspects of “the PCLinuxOS way” of doing things. In the process, we need to remember the proper way to act in the forum, so that we can project “the PCLinuxOS way” of doing things. This means remaining kind with new users, despite how many times we’ve seen the question asked. This means no RTFM, or any other similar incarnation, which isn’t used in the PCLinuxOS forum.

At the same time, we need to keep our eyes open for those new users who, despite being shown the proper way to behave, have the ways of other Linux forums ingrained in them. Our forum moderators and administrators may need those extra eyes to help keep things under control. If a new user is not behaving in a manner that is fitting for OUR forum, it may be a better choice to simply report the post so that a moderator or administrator can handle the situation.

This month’s magazine cover is by assistant editor Meemaw, celebrating the coming Halloween season. Until next month, I wish each of you peace, happiness, tranquility and serenity.

Paul Arnote