Searching For Answers On The PCLinuxOS Forum

by Chuck Rice (Ramchu)

I recently installed a financial program, called Kraft, which is geared toward running a small business.

When I would start the Kraft program, it would open with a box stating that it was starting the Akonadi server and then would do nothing further. I couldn't even close the program without logging off and back on.

I looked in Synaptic Package Manager and could see that Akonadi server was indeed installed, and this left me scratching my head wondering what I would have to do to get Kraft working.

So off to the PCLinuxOS forum I went to post my question, and then I remembered the forum search function, as I am sure that my question has already been asked and possibly answered before.

First, where do I search? Do I search from the software section, or the networking section since it is a server that is unable to start? I finally decided to search from the home section of the forum, as when you search from home the search function searches the entire forum for answers.

Next, what do I search for? Do I search for Akonadi server or Kraft or Program won't start?

I decided to search for Kraft as a start, expecting to get eight or 10 pages of search results to sort through. To my surprise there was only one page with nine results, and the second result was the answer to my problem. I didn't have kaddressbook and its dependencies installed, so after pulling these in from Synaptic and doing a restart of my computer, Kraft now opens and operates as expected.

The forum search is your friend and should be the first line of defense for solving PCLinuxOS problems. One may have to search several times to get the search parameters correct in order to get the results that are needed for your particular problem, but it's definitely worth the effort.

Just remember that your problem most likely isn't unique, and it has more than likely been asked already.