Welcome From The Chief Editor

It doesn’t get much better than laying out the monthly magazine while watching the many events of the 30th Summer Olympiad of the modern era from London. While the time zone differences may force many to watch events on a tape delay (many events here in the U.S. are televised this way), there’s little else that equals or approaches the splendor and the spirit of peaceful, albeit intense, competition of the quadrennial Summer Olympics.

Maybe that’s what ms_meme is doing this month – enjoying the Olympics – as she takes a month off to regroup and recoup. Ms_meme hasn’t missed a single month of regaling us with her musings and songs since the magazine’s “reboot” in July 2009. But you won’t have to go cold turkey from getting your “fix” of ms_meme’s musings. We’re going to run a couple of ms_meme’s “classic” columns. She has informed us that she plans to return with the September issue.

Meanwhile the dog days of summer are definitely upon us. Much of the middle U.S. is embroiled – and boiled – in a drought and is enduring an oppressive heat wave. My wife and I have adapted to the harsh weather by transferring most of our daytime outdoor activities to night hours after the sun sets, or very early in the morning, before the sun rises high in sky. During the day (when we aren’t working at the hospital), we are spending much of our time indoors, seeking relief from the heat by spending the hottest part of the day in the air conditioning. Ugh.

So, until next month, I wish each of you prosperity, happiness, serenity and peace. Stay cool – if you can.