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September 2013      Issue 80

  1. Welcome From The Chief Editor

  2. Get A New HD NatGeo Wallpaper Image Every Day
  3. Donations: the Lifeblood of PCLinuxOS
  4. PCLinuxOS Recipe Page
  5. Game Zone: Portal
  6. A Year of the Linux Desktop
  7. Xfce Power User Tips and Tweaks, File Utilities (Part 3)
  8. Testimonial: Making the Transition
  9. Password Security Revisited
  10. How to Set Up VPNBook on PCLinuxOS
  11. OpenVPN: Other VPN Services
  12. Testimonial: A Quiet, Long Time Fan
  13. Gramps Genealogy Program
  14. PCLinuxOS Puzzled Partitions
  15. ms_meme's Nook: Texstar From Texas
  16. Want to run Windows in VirtualBox? for Free?
  17. LibreOffice Tips & Tricks, Part 3
  18. Photorec: Recover Your Deleted Files
  19. Inkscape: ms_meme & the Holiday Tree
  20. Screenshot Showcase

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