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PCLinuxOS Knowledge Base

by ms_meme

The PCLinuxOS Knowledge Base is a wonderful place to find information and how-tos. I thank the many volunteers who give their time to write the articles. I am not new to PCLinuxOS, but still find myself learning new things. The PCLinuxOS Knowledge Base, along with forum help, is a great place to learn and improve Linux skills.

OGG                                                   MP3

Installed PCLinuxOS
To Linux I was new
Overwhelmed and dumbfounded
Didn't know what to do

Petrified and mystified
Perplexed through and through
Befuddled and bewildered
I simply had no clue

Stunned and astounded
About to cry boo hoo
Found PCLinuxOS Knowledge Base
And now I know how to

Everything I wanted to know
And things I never knew
A wealth of information
All topics of value

Up to date and first rate
My fears it did subdue
I check and recheck often
Always finding something new

I never will be an expert
But no longer sit and stew
I love all the articles
Written by the PCLinuxOS crew

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