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Rather than litter up the menu bar above with a ton of links, we've decided to list PCLinuxOS links here. Also, this way, no one feels slighted or forgotten. We're also happy to include some links that we think may be of general interest to PCLinuxOS users.

PCLinuxOS Connect

PCLinuxOS Magazine

Magazine Article & Art Work Submission Guide (PDF)
Download the Scribus layout templates for The PCLinuxOS Magazine (tar.gz)    UPDATED!
Download the Scribus layout guide for The PCLinuxOS Magazine (PDF)    UPDATED!
Visit the German language translation for The PCLinuxOS Magazine (HTML)
Join the magazine's mailing list on Google Groups. (intended ONLY for magazine staff and contributors)
Join us for some chit-chat in the PCLinuxOS Magazine Live Chat channel on IRC.
Visit the Google+ page for The PCLinuxOS Magazine.

PCLinuxOS on Twitter:
Quite a few PCLinuxOS developers have Twitter accounts, and you can follow along with the development of PCLinuxOS by following their Tweets.

iluvpclinuxos: Tweets from Texstar, himself.
NealBrks: Tweets from NealManBear.
PCArchieOS: Tweets from Archie.

PCLinuxOS on ident.ca

Keep up with the latest news about PCLinuxOS in the PCLinuxOS account on ident.ca.

PCLinuxOS Mailing Lists

Newbies Mailing List
Experts Mailing List
Testers Mailing List

PCLinuxOS International Community

PCLinuxOS Brasil
PCLinuxOS Czech Republic
PCLinuxOS Denmark
PCLinuxOS Finland
PCLinuxOS Serbian & Balkan Community
PCLInuxOS Italy
PCLinuxOS Netherlands
PCLinuxOS Poland
PCLinuxOS Polish Forum
PCLinuxOS Turkey
PCLinuxOS Russia
PCLinuxOS Greece

PCLinuxOS Graphics

MyPCLinuxOS Image Hosting
PCLinuxOS Design Studio

PCLinuxOS Desktops

PCLinuxOS KDE Desktop
PCLinuxOS Full Monty (KDE 4)
PCLinuxOS Xfce Desktop
PCLinuxOS LXDE Desktop
PCLinuxOS Openbox Desktop

PCLinuxOS Remasters

PCLinuxOS Assorted Links

Donate to PCLinuxOS
PCLinuxOS Knowledge Base (Wiki)
PCLinuxOS Live Chat Support
Buy some pre-configured PCLinuxOS Hardware and Computers from ChimpBox.
PCLinuxOS entry on Wikipedia
PCLinuxOS on DistroWatch
PCLinuxOS Merchandise
About PCLinuxOS

PCLinuxOS User's Blogs

Cirrus Minor's Blog #1
Cirrus Minor's Blog #2
Cyril's Blog (Polish)
PCLinuxOS - the Big Daddy of all Desktop Linux Distributions: manmath's Blog
Georgetoon.com Blog
Texstar's Blog
Archie's Blog
Paul Arnote's Blog

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