From the Chief Editor's Desk

Hello everyone and welcome to our 15th issue! I am sad to say that you will be viewing the last chapter of the KDE User Guide. It has been a labor of love for me, but I am doing a little editing and hope to have the whole thing available as a PDF download that will be available at both the main PCLinuxOS home page and the Magazine's home page.

We have some interesting articles this month including the Linux Command Line Tutorial which will give everyone a taste of using the command line safely. This was modified from an original text that was written by the Texas A&M Statistics department. We also have the Linux Directory Structure which will attempt to describe a little about each of the mysterious directories that you have seen, but are totally clueless as to what they contain. You will also find a couple of useful tips that will help speed up your computing experience.

Looking forward to next month, we will be bringing you a howto on DVD's and another on multi-booting on multiple drives. You will also find more command line articles along with a requested article or two. Speaking of requested articles, if any of you readers have an idea for an article that you would like to see, please give us your requests at either the main forum or at the Magazine's forum. As always, you can always contact me with anything about the Magazine at:

See y'all next month!


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