Letters to the Editor

Looks pretty much like pc world layout. I'd prefer the previous layout. Thanks anyway coz it's as informative.

Ian Tan

Hi. I just want to say, 1. I'm not a low bandwidth user but I'd much rather read the magazine online than download a file and open it in a pdf reader. Reading pages in the browser is so much more convenient. I've also bookmarked a number of articles on my private wiki site. Bookmarking is another reason for preferring an html version. Thanks for all the fish. 2. Why do you need a separate forum? Why not a board on the distro forum? cheers.

Regards, Terry North

Thanks for writing Terry. We create two versions to give our readers as many options as possible. Also, we have a forum because we expect a considerable amount of traffic and we can create as many sub-sections as necessary so as to make it as easy as possible for the staff to follow and react to anything that is posted.


Hi PCLOS Team!

First of all let me wish You a very big congrats for giving the Linux Community such an wonderful distribution. I have seen and used many Linux distributions, but nothing came close to PCLOS in terms of usability, stability, speed, responsiveness and aesthetics. I have become a diehard fan of this distro which I am sure will take the Linux desktop world by waves. I am a full time Systems Administrator working for an well established and popular MNC and specialize in Unix, Linux admin, middleware, Oracle dba, application servers and client-server technologies. I am telling you this so that you don't take Me for a newbie who is on a flattering drive of this distro. VMware on this distro runs Windows XP as guest OS as a charm. There is this simple test which can tell you a lot about a distro. Install vmware on pclos, create a Windows xp as guest os, allot 400 mb physical RAM (My machine has 768MB RAM), start the virtual machine, start simultaneous downloads in the host and guest os of a huge file, then surf web in mozilla on the host os, listen to mp3 songs in Amarok, chat in pidgin, use calendar, play games. I did all these things mentioned and the distro was still rock solid, fast, responsive, and still not hogging the memory. It still amazes me....In all these years of trying so many distros, I have never, ever seen a Linux distro (meant for desktops) perform those tasks so smoothly. One more thing, I loved about it was its out of the box capabilities.

I recently, ordered a Dell Inspiron 1420 laptop (waiting for it to be shipped) and am aware that Dell has released a remastered Ubuntu 7.04 such that it runs flawlessly on this machine. But, I would like to stick with PCLOS 2007 on this new machine. I hope, it would run out of the box on this machine too and prove itself once again as an Emerging Star Distro in the Linux World.

I have some suggestions for the PCLOS team:

  1. Please please please,improve your website. PCLOS is a great OS, but it isn't being shown to the world properly.
  2. Publish a list of laptops which are supported or certified to run PCLOS2007
  3. Bump up your wiki pages.
  4. Build a strong PCLOS community, which will fuel your marketing goals.
  5. I would love to distribute PCLOS media in My region and spread it...Is there anything in place for such distribution purposes?

Thanks once again!!!

Yours PCLOS 2K7 Fan!

Thanks for the awesome review!

  1. We are always open to suggestions about improving our websites. You can make any suggestions you may have in "Site Suggestions" on the main forum or at the Magazine website forum.
  2. We are building a hardware database which will list most hardware that works and some that does not work.
  3. We have a wiki team in place that is working on bringing everything up to date. It is quite a lot of work.
  4. I think we have a very active community demonstrated by the successes at Mypclinuxos.com and the fact that forum registration has more than tripled in the last year.
  5. I am not aware of any media such as you are requesting but will find out if we have any.