From the Chief's Desk

Welcome to the 23rd Issue of PCLinuxOS Magazine! We have another issue full of interesting howtos, a new series on computer languages,an up-to-date Pclos Based Distros,and interviews with the heads of the i18 and BEL (Business Edition Linux.) You will also find Chapter 4 of the KDE User Guide and some more inspirational testimonials.

A note of congratulations to the German translation team as they have completed translating all 22 previous issues of the Magazine. They are now in the process of building a Wiki using the contents of this magazine. You can find links to both of these endeavors in the Links tab at our website.

Next month you will find Chapter 1 of the Gnome User Guide that is based on the Gnome PCLOS 2008.1 version. You should also find more interviews from the heads of other PCLOS based projects. The summer looks to be heating up both outside and here at the Mag so get this issue and sit somewhere cool and enjoy the read!


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