PCLinuxOS Magazine July 2008
Issue 23

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  • From the Chief's DeskA note of congratulations to the German translation team as they have completed translating all 22 previous issues of the Magazine.
  • User's TestimonialsUser's reactions to PCLOS.
  1. Interview with bigbearomaha "Well, I have no life. I work as a full time truck driver/dispatcher, I have a commercial cleaning business, I run a non-profit Linux/tech support community program for non-profit community programs that need help. Oh yeah, I am part of the BEL (Business Edition Linux) Project team also."
  2. Some observationsI put in my WinXP installation disk and managed to run chkdsk.exe. I had hoped that merely running the chkdsk program to clean up the bad, bad file system would allow me to again boot my computer, that was not to be so. The computer remained "un-bootable."
  3. Linux Media Player Roundup - Part 1There is a vast number of tools available for Linux that provide the end user with access to a rich multimedia experience that is both satisfying, but also useful.
  4. How to change the localization of PCLinuxOSThis article summarizes some simple steps to change the English localization of a standard MiniME 2008 installation to the Italian language, but these steps are equally applicable to any other language.
  5. Interview with Didouph"We also will be working on sets of tools to localize regular PCLinuxOS installs and eventually take part in the developement of the long announced and awaited multilingual DVD! Once that is done, our next target will be to translate documentation, both internal and external (wiki) and, why not the magazine?"
  6. An Alphabet of Computer Languages: APLI learned that a 'sort', which I had written in Basic and which took nearly four pages of program code, was translated into a single line APL statement containing only 67 characters!
  7. KDE Desktop on PCLinuxOSChapter 4: Using Common Mass Storage Peripherals
  8. PCLinuxOS Based DistrosJust thought I would try and bring everyone a list of currently active PCLinuxOS based distros.
  9. Speed up the video of your onboard Intel cardI managed to double my glxgears to 1200 fps.
  • PCLOS Case sticker InfoGet rid of those "Designed for Microsoft Windows" stickers and get "Powered by PCLinuxOS" instead!