PCLinuxOS Magazine August 2008
Issue 24

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  • From the Chief's DeskYour friendly Assistant Editor here with the newest issue of PCLinuxOS Magazine and we have an exciting issue this month.
  1. Speed up FirefoxThese settings in Firefox that can speed up the loading web pages. This will speed up your browsing significantly.
  2. Linux Media Player Roundup - Part 2This month we'll be covering three more Linux Media Players: Banshee, Decibel Music Player and Exaile.
  3. Gnome Users Guide - Chapter 1We've been covering using KDE, now it's time to help users learn the Gnome Desktop.
  4. How to change the localization of PCLinuxOS - UpdateInstalling the necessary language packages
  5. Chapter 5 Kde User Guide - UpdateUsing the Printer and Scanner
  6. PCLOS based distros - UpdateIf anyone knows of any actively developed PCLOS based distros not on this list please drop me a note.
  7. Rebirth Of An Older ComputerAll of my systems are named after guardian angels. My others are: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Eronstuc so Uriel is now unleashed.