Letter 1

I have a few Windows applications that need to run on their native OS. I've tried running them with WINE, and it wasn't pretty...

My laptop is dual-boot PCLinuxOS and WinXP, and I've been thinking about some kind of virtual machine as an alternative. So the article on VirtualBox really caught my interest!

It was mostly as easy as the article implied. I only ran into one issue as my version of XP is an upgrade and requires a CD from a previous version. It took me a few minutes (and attempts) to figure out the process to mount both the ISO and the CD! After that, everything was smooth sailing!

But I think I'll need more RAM...


Tim Kearsley.

Letter 2

I had an interesting experience this week. I was having a speed problem with my ISP (WildBlue satellite) so I gave their friendly tech support a call. After helping me with my problem I was informed that as of 1 January they would not support me in the future unless I ran XP or Vista. They will not even support the older versions of Windows products (98,ME, etc.).

It's a security issue don't you know. It actually sounds to me as though Micro$oft has put WildBlue into their pocket.

I found another ISP (slower and a little more expensive) but I'm of the mind that if I'm a customer I should get support - security issue my butt.

Jim Lees