Tip 1


When I changed some window settings accidentally I got the KDialog error message "The Composite Manager crashed twice..." and the system was slow and had funny shadows.


  1. Open KDE Control Center: "PC -> System -> Configuration -> Control Center".
  2. Navigate to: "Desktop -> Window Behavior -> Translucency".
  3. Remove the tick on "Use translucency/shadows".
  4. Click "Apply" and restart the computer.


Tip 2

How-to Setup Printing for Samsung ML-2510 printers

The correct .ppd drivers for Samsung ML-2510 monochrome laser printers to run with HPJet Direct are not installed in PCLinuxOS by default. Here are the steps I used to get and install the drivers:

  1. Download driver from Samsung website.
  2. Choose to "save" the file, and select a location, for example: "/home/me/downloads/samsung".
  3. Extract the file
    by right clicking and selecting "open with Ark".
  4. Run the extraction process and choose (in the example given above) the "Samsung" folder, or wherever you prefer. Make sure to note where you expand the contents of the original file. At that location you will find a folder named "cdroot".
  5. Now you need to copy only two files from this unzipped folder to specific folders on your system. You have to be root to do this - so open Konqueror as root: "PC > System > File Tools > File Manager Super User Mode".
    • The first file is named "rastertosamsungspl". On my system I navigated to (it depends where you downloaded and extracted the files):

      Select and copy the file to clipboard. Then navigate to /usr/lib/cups/filter and paste the file here.
    • The second file is named: "ML-2510spl2.ppd" Navigate to:

      Select and copy the file to the clipboard. Then navigate to /usr/share/cups/model/samsung and paste the file there.
  6. Now restart your computer and do a normal printer install with CUPS - using Firefox browser -> url (localhost:631).