PCLinuxOS Magazine June 2009
Issue 29

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  1. PCLinuxOS is Great!I was astonished what a distro created by a small team can do. I feel that he (Texstar) has achieved perfection now.
  2. Impressive Quality!I have probably forgotten to mention some of the things I like, but the bottom line is that I see quality that I just don't see anywhere else. My thanks goes out to the Developers of PCLinuxOS!
  3. Why I Want to Use PCLinuxOSSorry guys, I don't want to LEARN Linux, I just want to USE it. PCLinuxOS allowed me to do that, without touching a CLI at all.
  4. PCLinuxOS Control CenterThe PCLinuxOS Control Center (PCC) is the "place to go" for all your major system configurations..... and it's been updated in PCLinuxOS 2009.1. Let's tour some of the things you can do with it.
  5. Blackberry Storm Meets PCLinuxOSOne of the newest and most popular new smart phone out on the market is RIM's Blackberry Storm. My wife uses Windows XP to access to her Blackberry Storm to load photos, music and movies, I had to find a way to do the same from within PCLinuxOS.
  6. Hard Work!We are fortunate that our programmers are some of the best. This article will help you realize just how much goes into the programs our packagers provide for us. It's no small job!!!!