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Welcome From The Chief Editor

Over at, Carla Schroder gave a shining review of the latest release of PCLinuxOS. Now Carla isn't known as someone who hands out praise easily or quickly. She's typically one "tough cookie" with her reviews. She tells you, in no uncertain terms, what she thinks. She also isn't known for "sugar coating" her opinion, either. As some of you who read reviews of Linux distros, they can sometimes seem trivial and trite, or they can be particularly nasty and scathing.

Towards the end of her review, Carla sings the praise of The PCLinuxOS Magazine. That's right. The very magazine you are reading. Carla says:

          "Every Linux user should read PCLinuxOS Magazine, because it is a beautiful production               full of great articles."

To be perfectly honest, I am quite proud of Carla's comment about the magazine that has been under my stewardship for the past four years. I'm especially proud, since it came from Carla. So, thanks Carla, for noticing our work on The PCLinuxOS Magazine.

Texstar continues at the packaging helm while Neal recuperates from his recent hospitalization. Now back at home, I suspect it won't be long before Neal is helping Texstar with the packaging chores and helping to keep everything tuned up and running well. Meanwhile, Texstar has been working on updating the toolchain, xorg, Intel graphic drivers, the kernel, and adding the Steam for Linux gaming client to the testing section of the PCLinuxOS repos. To top it all off, Texstar has been having fun in the PCLinuxOS forum with more regularity.

In other news, Daniel, a.k.a. Leiche, has stepped away from creating the LXDE ISO. So, the search is on for someone else to maintain the LXDE releases. Fans of LXDE should have little to fear, since a new LXDE version was recently released. Someone among the community is certain to pick up the LXDE torch.

Like music to the ears of all e17 fans, Texstar has also compiled and released the newest version of the Enlightenment (e17) desktop, which can be installed via Synaptic by searching for and installing the desktop. Agust has even reappeared to update his ever popular themes for the Enlightenment desktop to the newest, latest e17 version.

Until next month, I bid you peace, happiness, serenity and prosperity.

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