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Welcome From The Chief Editor

Have you ever noticed how some folks sometimes make things W-A-Y more complicated than they need to be, even when they try to make things simple? That's what happened to the Gmail team in July, when they rolled out their latest "enhancement" to the popular online email service. It's almost as if they convince themselves that the simplest approach just can't be the best or right answer. Certainly, after expending all that energy making simple things complicated, how can it be resolved with a simple solution? Therein lies the problem.

Never fear. I'll show you this month, in the 'Undo Gmail's Latest "Enhancements"' article, how to uncomplicate your Gmail inbox and to effectively remove the Gmail team's ill-conceived and over-complicated "solution."

July also saw the release of new PCLinuxOS Live CDs that feature the newly added Mate desktop, along with quarterly updates of the LXDE and KDE Live CDs. OnlyHuman also released an unofficial community remaster of a PCLinuxOS Live CD that features the Enlightenment e17 desktop.

Don't forget: if you have an idea for an article, please let us know! Send an email to, or send me or Meemaw a PM in the forum with your article idea. Even better yet, write it up yourself and send it to us. Don't worry if you consider yourself "not much of a writer." Meemaw, the magazine staff and I will put the final spit-and-shine polish on it. We will accept articles in whatever format you want to submit them. Annotated text files, AbiWord files, LibreOffice files, or Google Docs... they are all acceptable. We'll transfer them to Google Docs, which is the preferred platform used by the magazine staff when collaborating on articles and article editing.

Sometime during August, there should be the arrival of a new, future PCLinuxOS user in our home. It's getting quite a bit closer, and "mom and dad" are putting on the final touches as we await the birth of our first child. With our "due date" of August 25 (which also happens to be my birthday), I doubt I'll be around much towards the end of August. I'm sure I'll be rather preoccupied with getting mom and baby home and settled. As such, I suspect you'll see Meemaw stepping up to write the Welcome From The Chief Editor column for the September 2013 issue.

Until then, I hope for peace, prosperity, serenity and happiness for all!

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