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Game Zone: Forced

by daiashi

About The Game

Forced is a one- to four-player co-op arcade action RPG with puzzle and tactical elements. You are cast as slaves in the toughest fantasy gladiator school of them all, condemned to fight as a gladiator and eventually win your freedom. You will face deadly trials and huge creatures, but Balfus, your Spirit Mentor, will guide you in your quest for recognition.

System requirements:

Fully updated PCLinuxOS and Steam


         OS: PCLinuxOS
          Processor: 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
          Memory: 2 GB RAM
          Graphics: DirectX 9.0c-compatible, SM 3.0-compatible
          Hard Drive: 5 GB available space

          OS: PCLinuxOs
          Processor: QuadCore 2.0 GHz +
          Memory: 4 GB RAM
          Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GT 120 / ATI Radeon HD
          Hard Drive: 5 GB available space

About The Company

BetaDwarf was formed by a small group of persons, who moved into a classroom at a University in Denmark. It took the University seven months before a lecturer accidently walked into the room and realized that eight guys actually lived in one of their classrooms. So BetaDwarf was thrown out and the group decided to move together into a big house, where they made a successful kickstarter company, and are now on their third year of development on FORCED.

Some Gameplay Screenshots

Getting It To Run

Install Steam (if you don't have it installed already), then start it. You will need to create a new account, if you do not already have one. Once you have Steam up and running, go to the store tab. Click on the Linux tab if you wish and search for Forced. Click on and download the demo. If you have updated your system, including graphics drivers, you should be good to go.

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