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Testimonial: Report Card On PCLinuxOS

by elana

How about A+?

PCLinuxOS puts Microsoft and Apple to shame.

I've only been using this OS for about eight months. It is the first Linux distribution that I have tried, and will probably be the only one that I would ever need.

PCLinuxOS works for you with minimum effort ... as opposed to spending endless, agonizing hours and large sums of money (on additional software like AV, cleaners, defragmentation, etc., etc.) trying to get a dysfunctional platform to marginally perform. Not to mention that the use of which allows for the collective of world government spy agencies, equipment manufacturers, ISP's, telephone and satellite providers, software giants, and general hackers to know more about your personal affairs than you do. I intend to fight back.

Dell built my old single core machine in 2002. I lost it last week to a dead power supply and it went to a shop for repair. When I got it back, PCLinuxOS was working just fine but the bench tech installed some diagnostic software on the Windows XP side of the drive that ate up too much space. Needless to say, Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel could not uninstall it and neither could Microsoft using Microsoft Fix-it. I spent three days running anti-virus, cleaning, and utility maintenance software while I diligently hacked files and the registry. It is working properly now, but the point is that it was a time-consuming pain in the butt.

I am now ready to lose Windows XP, except that I still need it to scan and fax (CUPS is not cutting it) for an Epson All-In-One printer (Workforce 545). This will be my next Linux project. (It’s) probably some driver that isn't included in the repository.

Anyway, Windows 10 is just another programming array of Microsoft spyware. Probably the best of the lot, and Microsoft is running scared. People like me helped to build that Silicon Valley Empire and we can rip-it down as well. I refuse to buy a machine that runs a proprietary OS. PERIOD. Let Dell and HP chew on that for a while. I doubt that they'll go down with the Microsoft and Apple ship. That is probably why Bill Gates is pushing vaccinations and World Health Organization (WHO) objectives now. He is praying to the God of Money, and serving his royal elite central-banking masters. Surely they must expect resistance.

Many, many thanks to you people in the PCLinuxOS forum for helping those of us without the technical knowledge to provide that assistance with PCLinuxOS. It is an exceptional work of open-source software, programming art, and a lifeline to humanity.

Three thumbs up and a big smile. Many thanks for PCLinuxOS!

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