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Greetings From A New User... reelcat

Hi everybody!

After a few years of only reading this forum, I decided to join in.

I've been a Linux user since 2002, when, after a year of experiments, I finally switched from MS Windows 2000 to Mandrake Linux. Since then, I never returned to Windows as the primary OS, although I keep a WinXP installed on VirtualBox, just for some corporate apps I have to use.

In 2007 I installed my first PCLinuxOS and found the rolling distro formula to be the most suitable for me. Since then, PCLinuxOS has been my primary OS. So, not a very long record of distro hopping. The reason is simple: this distro "just works" and works perfectly, and has everything I need. I'm not a geek and have no desire to edit cryptic config files to get anything working, (re)compile everything every second week or desperately struggle with drivers or software missing in the repository. Of course, when I need, I know how to use the command line.

Naturally, I keep trying some distros, but rather in VirtualBox or installing them on a separate partition. At this moment, I have KaOS Linux dual-booted and I'm getting acquainted with the new KDE 5 Plasma environment.

That is my short Linux story. I just want to say hi to everybody and express my appreciation to Texstar and the team, the community here and their outstanding work you do to keep this distro wonderful and appealing. I am really glad to join such a great company and I hope I will be able to contribute.

(56, retired military, enthusiast of meteorology, married almost 30 years, two kids, two cats, living in Warsaw, Poland).

Greetings From A New User... oscar123

About a month ago, I finally took the plunge and installed PCLinuxOS on both my own box and my wife's, for daily use. This was after some months of running the distro on a spare machine due to fears I'd had (raised by other Linux users) over PCLinuxOS being a rolling release and therefore being unreliable so I shouldn't waste my time with it. Well, that ghost is well and truly laid! Apart from a few trivial issues that I'm sure this forum will help me resolve, the journey so far has been great.

We've been a MS-free household for nearly a decade now, having gone over first to DR-DOS (with the Arachne web-browser) and then to Mandrake Linux which was a revelation. Since then, I've played with various other distros and quickly settled on one which served me well for years but needed frequent reinstalling to keep web-browsers etc up to date. My wife has been using another fixed-release distro that from a user's point of view worked similarly to the MS Windows she has to use at work, and although that too has worked well for years, maintaining and updating it has fallen to me - so you can see why PCLinuxOS's rolling release model increasingly appealed! The magazine is the icing on the cake.

Anyway, that's enough for now. I just wanted to say hi, and add a few words of appreciation here to express my thanks to Texstar and the team for all you/they do for regular computer users like my wife and myself. You've taken a lot of the difficulty out of Linux.


(62, medically-retired hospital porter, ex radio-ham and general electronics enthusiast, married nearly 30 years, no kids, one cat, living in the UK)

Honey Trap Rolling Release... Adi

Greetings from sunny California!

I would like to congratulate people developing this version of Linux, and also all the people answering various questions here. Believe me or not, I came to love PCLinuxOS precisely because of the quality support here. The answers from you guys helped me solve various problems in Mint, Ubuntu, and OpenSUSE. And the cherry on the cake is the rolling release model, this is the real honey-trap for guys like me ...

Looks like I had a good hunch to check out PCLinuxOS. In the past, I've seen this distro shooting up on Distrowatch and falling down; there was no good reason for the slip down. I am a hardware guy with some ties to all kind of programming to help in my hardware work.

Also, I fully embraced Linux for day to day work, and for home use. I even convinced my wife to dump Window$ and install Linux on her laptop. My choice is definitely Linux and free tools, and I see no need for Window$ stuff. I am forced to use it sometimes though...

As a newcomer to PCLinuxOS I still try to find my way around, especially re-learning to do things on another Linux flavor. The overall feeling is a very good one, looks like nothing is really wrong with PCLinuxOS. If there is a complaint I would have, it is not related to PCLinuxOS but to Linux in general. While it is wonderful to have endless choices for doing more or less the same thing, there is not one "default" option one can learn and use across various flavors. The lack of a "standard" choices for any action is in my opinion the single biggest brake holding Linux back against controlled operating systems.

Thank you guys for contributing to PCLinuxOS, you're doing a good work.

Rotten Ronnie Makes The Switch... RottenRonnie

I was a confirmed WinDohs user until two of my laptops running Win7 began running slower and slower, so I decided it was time to try a lightweight Linux distro as an alternative, and PCLOS kept coming up again and again as a great place to start.

Right, sez I. I'll download it and try the LXDE desktop and see how I like it...

CPU and memory monitors showed it had an incredibly small footprint on my older Centrino Dual with 1.5gb Ram, and although some hard coded buttons no longer worked, I was really impressed...

So here I am... Trying to learn BASH commands and pulling up 14 year old DOS commands when I should be typing ls -l instead. I'm loving it, and find that i need to work on my touch typing skills to get better at this.

Oh, I think I got my new job as a Tier 1 support clerk when I told my boss in the job interview that I ran PCLOS, as he pointed over his shoulder at one of his stations and said "I'm running it as well." It also helped that we both love motorcycles.

Anyhow, I'm a total noob at this, and you will no doubt be astounded by my ignorance later on, but let me tell you, I really appreciate the support and guidance.

I'm running four boxes:
Windohs 8.1 (Virtual box with a few different OSs for staging purposes)
Windohs 7 & PCLinux LXDE dual booter (but I'm loving the PCLOS)
Windohs 7 Starter on an old Netbook (Acer Aspire One flavour)
AppleTv1 running Crystalbuntu (unmodified 720p)

Motorcycles, Dogs, Historical Fiction, Motorcycles and more...


Hello PCLinuxOS World... kbran

I am a PCLinux convert coming from a long line of Ubuntu and ubuntu "clones". Well actually, my previous OS was openSUSE, but it had me pulling my hair out with system slowdowns reminiscent of WinXP.

I had heard that your rolling release offered a very stable KDE4 environment with no-fuss configuration so I decided to give it a shot. A couple of weeks in and I am very happy so far with how smooth it runs. I was pretty impressed too by how it was virtually almost fully configured and optimized out of the box. Every other distro makes it a huge pain to install fglrx drivers, which are necessary for my pathetic video card (thanks government employers). PCLinux had fglrx already installed and in use. I also like how PCLinux still uses good old sys init.d and grub and xorg with xorg.conf files.

I believe I will start recommending PCLinux to other people, especially those new to the Linux environment.

I am a web developer, mainframe programmer, and systems analyst living in Oklahoma.

New User... mr-mind

Hi, I think that I got this backwards; I posted in software first. I am in British Columbia, Canada. I start playing with computers in the late 80s 286/386/486 <DOS 5.0, Windows 3.0 vs Geoworks>, Commodore 64c era <LOL>. Other than a Timex Sinclair and a Commodore 'vic 20', my first computer with an HDD was an 'IBM Clone' 286/16 no math coprocessor <1 meg RAM in 256k chips> 64meg RLL HDD. Now I have this computer running PCLOS - Sony VAIO pcv w600g 1.5 Gig DDR pc 2700 <my slowest computer>, an "eMac <ppc not Intel running OSX 10.5.8>" a tower with an Opteron processor 146 <2GHz> with 3Gigs ddr2 RAM running as a dual boot LXLE/Kali, a tower with an Intel core-i5 @ 3GHz 12Gig DDR3 Ram running LXLE plus an old laptop and a tower <wife & children 'puters> also running LXLE. I tried installing Ubuntu, LXLE, & Kali on this Sony, but other than Windows XP, this is the only OS that would install <installer crashes with the other Linux versions>. I know enough about Linux to mess things up, so, I figured that I should consult people that know this Linux type to <hopefully> not mess things up too badly <LOL> when I 'tweak' it to do things that I want to do.

I should also mention that I am on the Aspergers scale <high functioning Autistic> and tend towards literal interpretation of instructions, e.g. to install a program listed in only the 'test' section in Synaptic Package Manager. I got told what to do, but it took me 15 minutes to figure out that <click [reload]> did not mean the screen where you add the word 'test' but the main Synaptic manager screen. So please be patient with me on this.

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