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Meemaw's 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

By Meemaw

Wow! It's that time again! I know there are people who shop for presents for months in advance, but I'm one of those "late shoppers" who waits until December to get all my presents. However, I was browsing the internet earlier and found a few "different" items that one might buy for someone who has all the "normal" stuff. One of my favorite sites is Bits & Pieces.

Bits & Pieces Historic Reproduction Storm Glass   $19.99

If your friend is interested in the weather, this storm glass might be fun. It's supposed to change at the top according to the weather. From Bits and Pieces' website:

Invented in the 19th century by sailor and meteorologist Admiral FitzRoy, this device is a liquid and crystal filled storm glass that can predict the weather up to 2 days in advance. Changes in the crystal formations can indicate fair weather (clear liquid), rainy weather (murky liquid), thunderstorms (crystals at the top), cloudy skies with snow (large flaky crystals) and even windy weather (threads of crystals).

It's a nice decorative item which would look good anywhere.

Bits & Pieces Wrist Wallet   $8.99

If you have a friend who walks, jogs or even rides, this would be a useful gift. I know when I walk, I don't want to carry a bunch of stuff, but I don't want to leave it in my truck either, in case someone is tempted to break into the truck. I could carry my driver's license and a few dollars (just in case) and not have to worry about it being in my truck.

Bits & Pieces Wine Chilling Stick   $14.99

Your wine-loving friends will like this! You can put this in the freezer until you open a new bottle, then insert it into the bottle to chill the wine. Pour it from the chiller, put the lid on, and enjoy!

Bits & Pieces Deluxe Fishing Tool   $24.99

This might be a great gift for someone who loves fishing. The tool contains a tape measure, weighted fish scale, serrated knife, hook remover, fish scraper, bottle opener, LED flashlight and a foldable stand. It's not any larger than some pocket knives I've seen, measuring 6" x 2.25".

PCLinuxOS Mousepad   $12.99

What better way to advertise your favorite distro? Anyone visiting your house, and seeing your computer setup can instantly see your mousepad.

I went to newegg to see what they had as well.

UDI Discovery U818A-1 4CH RC Quadcopter w/ HD Video Camera   $59.38

Radio Controlled items are big, as are drones these days. This is both. This quadcopter has a camera built in, and the price is lower than I would have thought.

Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Kit ELEX0301 Elenco   $31.34

This looks like a neat kit for teaching a youngster about electricity. From newegg's site:

This innovative kit contains over 30 color-coded, real circuit components that snap together to create working electronic circuits and devices. Recommended for children 8 and older, this set offers 101 do-it-yourself projects that will give your child an entertaining, concrete education on how electronics work.

I also went to L L Bean. 'Oh yeah,' you say, 'why don't you go somewhere less expensive?' I understand that, but when their flannel shirts last about four times as long as the cheap ones, I figure that they are worth it. My husband has had flannel shirts he's worn for over ten years. Many of the cheap ones wear out in three or less. They have good stuff.

L L Bean Deluxe Scrabble & Monopoly   $149.00

This is a gift that's truly for the family that has everything. If they love playing Monopoly and/or Scrabble, this deluxe set should last longer. The case is wood, with the Scrabble board on one side of the lid and the Monopoly board on the other. The case contains all the pieces and the set also has a built-in lazy susan so you can rotate it around to each person while they take their turn. In true L L Bean style, you can have it monogrammed (for an additional charge).

Family Archery Set   $169.00 to $179.00

My grandchildren have been in archery through the local 4-H organization (a very worthwhile organization for our youth!). However, this collection could make it very easy to learn about archery at home and allow the family to all enjoy it together. The price range is dependent upon the size of bow wanted and whether it is a right-hand or left-hand bow. This set includes everything pictured (the bow, three arrows, targets, bow stringer, arm protector and case.)

Bean's AstroMaster LT 60AZ Telescope   $99.95

Many of us love to look at the stars, and telescope prices can range from one hundred dollars up to several thousand depending on how powerful it is. This model is one of five on their site and was in the lower range of prices. From their site:

20 mm and 10 mm interchangeable eyepieces. Rugged steel tripod with locking legs.

Additional Features
Includes 60 mm aperture with multicoated optics for superior light transference.
Includes astronomy CD and flashlight.
StarPointer device helps locate celestial objects before viewing with telescope.
Sky X astronomy CD locates and tracks 10,000 celestial objects.
Red lens flashlight preserves night vision.
Panhandle with clutch for smooth and accurate positioning.
Quick-release dovetail attachment secures telescope to tripod.
Deluxe tray beneath telescope for storage of eyepieces and accessories.

May this holiday season find you happy and healthy, and with those you love, enjoying your time with them.

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