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New Year's Resolutions From The PCLinuxOS Forum

by Meemaw

"What are your New Year's Resolutions?" Does that question make you cringe? Or does it not interest you at all? For the members of the best forum, our own PCLinuxOS Forum, that question caused comments from extreme honesty to jokes, and for many, the subject was ignored altogether.

I understand that. Many people have made New Year's resolutions, only to find that, for one reason or another, they couldn't keep them. In fact, most New Year's resolutions fall flat before January is even through. This, of course, leads to a practice of not making any at all. Some years I have made a resolution or two and other years, I made none. Last year I vowed to lose weight, since I was very heavy. I have succeeded pretty well, and intend to continue until I reach my goal.

ms_meme asked in the Sandbox for people to post their resolutions, and we have a few, but people are pretty quiet this year. If resolutions have been made, they haven't been discussed. However, I'm going to list a few that we got in ms_meme's post.


"Make your resolutions
Step right up this way
Write it down quickly
And put it on display

I won't charge you a penny
To pen what you convey
But everyone's gonna read it
So you better never stray

Or of course you could post a resolution you would want for an entity or business or family member.

My resolution for Dropbox is: "We will stop playing cat and mouse with ms_meme's files." (You may have gotten notice that DB is doing away with Public Folder.     :(   :(     )"


"If I had to make any one resolution it would be to insure that I am able to keep all the web servers running, that enables us to run all the services we have grown to rely on.

The PCLinuxOS Magazine
The Forum and main PCLinuxOS website
The master Repository
PCLOS-Talk, our own message service
PCLinuxOShelp Knowledge Base
MyPhotos Image Server
pclosusers server which provides many more service that we use."


"No resolutions, just some dreams that may become plans.

Family time is a must. Sometimes it has been very difficult but all this years we did at least 2 meals each day in family, lately my wife hasn't been at the table because work doesn't allow it and I can only be in one meal, we talked about it and decided that it will be like that for a year. I hope in February I will be at home more time and she will be in August.

This year I accomplished a goal, I lost 15 Kg I gained after a surgery 4 years ago and the broken shoulder 2 years ago. I have 10 Kg more to go (those were there before the surgery) and I want to take it easy, it's Christmas.

Next year I can retire and I'll take it, things are changing very fast and I can't risk a legislative measure against retirement age or amount. I've received a couple of work offerings but I don't think I want to continue doing Psychology or projects anymore, I want something completely different, maybe hydroponics or vertical gardens (I like both), or making candies, around here people produces oranges, tangerines, grapefruits and mangos and sometimes they doesn't sell the fruit, with a little work that could be a business. We have a lot of sun from March to November so dehydrated food is another possibility. Whatever I choose it has to involve physical work, I need it. If I earn some money better yet."


"I'm quite tempted to make the same New Year's resolution that I do every year: resolve to not make a New Year's resolution. That way, there's no disappointment in store!

But, honestly ... I wish there was a way to increase family time. Short of changing time itself, there isn't any way, given mine and Laura's schedules at work. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, though. As soon as my house is paid off (should be within the next 3 to 5 years), I'm dropping my hours to part time. That way, I can spend more time with the kids, and since I'll be making my own schedule, I'll be better able to fit more family time into the mix. I'd really like to resolve to have more family time, to have more time for bicycle riding and other physical activities, but unless joechimp shares his knowledge about how to defy physics and time, that just isn't going to happen."


"I have two resolutions.... 1366x768 on the laptop and 1920x1080 on the desktop.

Sorry... but someone was going to do it, may as well be me."

(and you beat Archie to it!!!)


"Humm. Have never ever made a New Year's resolution yet.

Decisions to change something in one's life should come at anytime when a person feels a need for it, right..."

Yes, any time one feels the need, one should start the change.

As you can see, the opinions are as different as we all are. Some make resolutions for the year, and some dream of things they want to do. Whatever you do, I hope it's a great year for you, and that you succeed at whatever your dream turns out to be.

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