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Linuxera: A Former Forum Admin Could Use Our Help

by Meemaw

Back in 2006, when I registered on the forum, there were some wonderful people here! Texstar was here of course, along with some that are still here: The Heat Exhausted Cranky Zombie, davecs, JohnW_57, wayne_1932, tuxalish and many more who are no longer around. Others registered shortly after I did, including parnote. In the fifteen years since I started visiting, I have come to feel that many of these people, whether I had ever met them or not, were good friends. We've shared many ups and downs.

A very knowledgeable lady whose handle was Linuxera was here as well. She was an admin even then, and helped to keep us all in line. She was also a tester, and experimented with creating ISO's of Enlightenment, and talked me through creating a backup ISO of my system years ago. She had lived in many places, including Florida and Oregon, but moved to Alabama a few years ago. Her first house in Alabama was really close to a river area that had some flooding, so she moved a bit north where the river wasn't in her backyard. Sometime after 2012, for reasons unknown to me, she deleted her user profile in the forum.

We've chatted and emailed sporadically since then. I found out her name is Cindy Solis. She is an Air Force veteran, and is now eligible for Social Security. She's shared photos of her chickens and her dog and how she cleaned up the property where she lived, and I shared photos of my area and some of the activities I am involved in.

In May, 2021, I got a short email from her. The email subject line read "Please post this link on fb, twitter, social media", and in the body, she said, "Forever indebted. VA community services wants me to drive 60 miles for appointments. I can barely walk still. love you all/" The GoFundMe link outlined the circumstances of her stroke!

After texting her (and later, speaking with her), I posted the link on the forum and on Facebook asking for donations to her GoFundMe fundraiser. She says she is doing much better now, only having some weakness in one leg and a few memory problems. She lives in such a small town that they had to Life Flight her to a larger hospital. The VA Center she goes to for medical care is 60 miles away, so driving that is a problem. I helped her a little (I hope), giving her the VA form for Travel pay that my husband used when he went to the VA. I hope she can use it as well.

If you visit GoFundMe, you will see that her son Jason set up the fundraiser. He explains that since he has health issues of his own, he can't travel to her home to care for her and this was one way he could help.

If you're able, I hope you will donate.

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