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From The Chief Editor's Desk...

PCLinuxOS is a great operating system for everyone.

I think I might have just found one of our youngest users.

Yes, that is my daughter, Lexi.

Santa brought her eight-year-old brother a computer for Christmas, and he is a Minecraft fiend! Leaving Windows 10 (since updated to Windows 11) on his computer just makes things easier for him to play his Minecraft games. He plays "classic" Minecraft, as well as the newer Minecraft Dungeons.

Lexi loves to watch videos. She watches her videos (she used to call them "bideos") on YouTube Kids. Her favorite YouTube channel is "A For Adley." She has even created her own channel, "L For Lexi," which is one of her ongoing "dreams." She also watches many, many musical and dancing videos. The videos of massive numbers of dominoes "falling" are also some that catch her eye.

So, after Santa brought her brother a computer for Christmas, she wanted a computer of her own. So, I had my older Lenovo G530 laptop that I was barely using. I used it for years to do all of my magazine work on. So, I wiped the hard drive and installed Daniel's LXQt remaster on it.

Happy isn't quite enough of a word to describe her reaction. Ever since setting up the computer for her, she has spent parts of virtually every single day watching her videos on "her computer." She still does all of the "other" things that a normal five-year-old girl does ... playing on her playset in the backyard, playing with Barbie dolls, coloring, drawing pictures, riding her bicycle and scooter, etc. ... so watching her videos is just another part of her normal day.

Lexi is just finishing up (at the end of May) her final year of Pre-K classes at school. Currently five years old, she formally starts Kindergarten in August. She is going to Kindergarten "preparation" classes in Summer School for the month of June.

So, for all those nay-sayers who say that "Linux is too difficult" or that "Linux is for nerds," I give you my daughter. She doesn't care what OS her computer runs. All she cares about is being able to watch her videos. PCLinuxOS is her daily driver.

Can she troubleshoot her PCLinuxOS installation? Nope. Not any more than her brother can troubleshoot his Windows 11 installation. But that's what they have mom and dad for.

Lexi's needs and use of her computer isn't much different from most computer users. Just like her, they want to be able to perform simple tasks -- email, browse the web, watch videos, etc. -- easily and without much fanfare or trouble.

Lexi is walking proof that PCLinuxOS fulfills that need admirably. And if a five-year-old can use Linux, then just about anyone can.


This month's magazine cover celebrates the bicycle, which was patented on May 26, 1819. The cover, created by Meemaw, depicts Tux driving through a 19th Century town on a Penny Farthing bicycle.


Until next month, I bid you peace, happiness, serenity, prosperity, and continued good health.

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