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New Year's celebrations are virtually synonymous with making New Year's resolutions. Unfortunately, most New Year's resolutions barely last a month, and by February, are a distant memory. According to an article on BestLife, only 55 percent of resolution-makers are still working on those resolutions after one month. An article on Fit & Well paints an even grimmer/dimmer picture of New Year's resolutions. According to that article, most New Year's resolution-makers ditch their "goals" just 17.8 days into January. This is so prevalent that January 17th is (unofficially) known as "ditch New Year's resolutions day." Wow! They don't even make it three weeks!

Personally, I make the same New Year's resolution every year, and I've got quite a streak going for not breaking it. My annual New Year's resolution is to not make a New Year's resolution.

Wouldn't it be much better to just start working on self improvement goals when you realize the need for them? Wouldn't it be better to be actively focusing on living the best life we can, every single day, than to apply all of that pressure at the same time that all of the pressure from the most pressure-inducing holiday is still all too fresh in our minds?

What's wrong with starting your exercise regimen in March or June? There's no time like the present to start that new diet you have been mulling over in an effort to lose a few pounds. Quitting smoking or drinking alcohol to excess is a good goal any time of the year. Joining a gym and getting into better physical shape is an excellent goal for any time.

So, just why do most New Year's resolutions reside in the dung heap just weeks after being made? All too frequently, the resolutions are poorly planned. They are usually made in haste, often a result of peer pressure to make a New Year's resolution. As a result, there is typically extremely little preparation for the lifestyle changes that most New Year's resolutions require. Other New Year's resolutions aim for exceptionally high and lofty goals that are unreasonable, unattainable, and unsustainable.

So what's your New Year's resolution? Or, will you even be making one?

To be more successful in making changes to your life and/or lifestyle, try setting a series of smaller, more easily attained goals. Once you've mastered one, make a new one that expands on the one you just completed. In most cases, you'll have much more success.


This month's cover was created by Meemaw, and commemorates Winter, which envelops the Northern Hemisphere at this time of year.


Until next month, I bid you peace, happiness, serenity, prosperity, and continued good health.

Oh ... and Happy New Year! Let's hope that 2023 is all around better than 2022 was to us.

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