Have you ever gotten tired of looking at those "Designed for Microsoft Windows" stickers on your PC or laptop when you know it is "Powered by PCLinuxOS?" If you are like many other PCLinuxOS users and myself, you can now do something about it. Thanks to the efforts of lgross1949, and Gryphen (graphics), you can now order yourself as many as you need to replace them, and every cent of profit goes to Tex & the Ripper Gang to help fund the continuing development of our beloved OS. Below you can see what they look like.

pclos sticker

You can order these by e-mailing lgross1949 at: or After you have placed your order he will send you a billing statement through PayPal and you can pay with Credit or Debit Card, or Checking Account. You don't have to have a PayPal account to use it. They can be purchased for $4.00 US and that includes shipping anywhere in the world. So let's get with it and order yours today!