Tip 1

Start Open Office and click on Tools > Options. This should open the configuration. Click on Memory in the left menu and change the following settings:

  • Number of Steps: 30
  • Use for Open Office: 128
  • Memory per Object: 20
  • Number of Objects: 20

Click on Java in the left menu afterwards and uncheck "Use a Java Runtime Environment". Click OK and restart Open Office to see how fast it is now.

Tip 2

The first thing we need to do is open our file manager in Super User Mode.

Main menu -> System -> File Tools -> File Manager - Super User Mode

Enter your Root password when prompted and then navigate to /etc/sysctl.conf and double click on it. This will open it up in the Kwrite editor. Scroll to the bottom of this file and add these two lines below the last line which should read kernel.sysrq=1



so that it looks like this:


Now we need to save the file and close everything. As you begin using your computer again for your everyday needs you should notice that most apps are a bit snappier.

This tip was gleaned from an interesting link found on the forums. I would recommend that you read this article in it's entirety before proceeding with this tip. To see the original article, use this link: Make Linux run faster