apturl is a simple graphical application (a web-based tool) that installs applications on the PCLinuxOS distribution. apturl can retrieve information about a PCLinuxOS packages from official repositories accessible on Firefox and other Mozilla browsers.

On the PCLinuxOS Appstore, it is called Click2Install and this frees a user from installing packages via Synaptic or via the konsole, using apt-get commands. It brings PCLinuxOS closer to top Linux distributions offering installations of their packages through a web browser. Ubuntu's Appnr and Xandros' Click-n-Run (without the costs) comes close to mind.

"What is cool is it will only install what is in the repository so it is safe. The other thing is it will come in handy on the forum when you need to tell someone to install something you can just embed the link into the message with apturl://name-of-package and it will install it right from the forum or any webpage," Texstar quoted on a post on the PCLinuxOS Developers mailing list. His call for a community project rallied several of our active community developers, namely Neal Brooks and Travis N. just to name a few.

The project is still under heavy development with the Appstore front opening for business.