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collected by ms_meme

vampirefo in the Sandbox asked, "Does she have a sister?" Elsewhere he describes himself as a 1969 Dodge Charger.

Charger Specs: sporty, high performance, extremely durable, on the fast track and trim with rear end lift.
Would you trust him with your sister?

I noticed that CtrlAltDel has made more than 1900 posts in the forum. What a great helper! I also noticed that he signs most of his advice with "Good luck".

Now think about it. Would you follow a direction of an Irishman who says it needs luck to work? I might. But I'd probably keep my fingers crossed too.

Rastus wrote in Desktop Hardware: "In the absence of a grown up, I will try and answer your question."

Surely there are a couple of grownups in the forum! Hmmm..maybe not.

June 23, 2009, 03:35:23 PM. Neptune asked, "Is anyone else getting this?"

Nobody got it, nobody gets it and nobody is ever gonna get it. Go on back to your bass fishing and bluegrass music and try to sort it out.

rustynail suggests, "It might be a good idea to setup a forum category just for netbooks. Thoughts?"

Here's my thought, "All in favor of taking rustynail's netbook away from him say, 'Aye'. Anybody who thinks gmail is a dog, doesn't need a netbook."

rustynail previously said, "From a personal stand, I have setup a gmail account that goes out and retrieves my company emails."

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