From The Editor

Welcome to the September, 2009 issue of the NEW PCLinuxOS Magazine. For me, personally, it has been a very busy past month. I learned Scribus — at least I have enough of a handle on it to assist with the magazine's layout.

But enough about me. This month we have lots of material that should appeal to a large section of the PCLinuxOS community. In the continuation of his series of articles, Patrick G. Horneker reviews photo management software in his Through The Lens article. Andrew Huff compares Windows 7 and KDE 4.3, and gives us a peek at how well PCLinuxOS runs on his Acer Aspire One netbook. From the PCLinuxOS Gnome forum, David Lally walks us, step by step, through setting up Samba file sharing the easy way. In the second installment of Behind The Scenes, we get to learn more about Neal Brooks and how he met the challenge of creating PCLXDE, the PCLinuxOS LXDE remaster.

Don Crissti, from the PCLinuxOS Gnome camp, gives us the second Scripts-R-Us column, with a script to test the speed of the various PCLinuxOS repositories. Ms_meme turns her Forum Foibles attention to exploring some of the more interesting forum members' signatures, as well as offering up yet another reworked musical piece in ms_meme's nook. We get to learn the easy way to share a printer connected to a PCLinuxOS computer with Windows without Samba, in the Wiki Wicket. There's a short, yet informative, article on how to use openssl to create secure, random passwords. Malcolm Ripley shows us how to make an inexpensive, home made film scanner from parts you may just have lying around. Malcolm also walks us through the use of dvd::rip to create archives of your home DVD collection.

I complete my series of articles on file format comparisons, taking a look at video file formats this month. I have also written an article on the grand daddy of all Internet chat software, called IRC: The Forgotten Chat Frontier, and walk you through setting up XChat so you can join in on the fun there. Gary Ratliff, Sr. is back, and continues his series of articles on computer programming languages, in Computer Languages A to Z: C/C++, Plus, Mark Szorady provides us with another installment of Double Take, along with a GIMP tip on how to work with layers.

We, the magazine staff, hope you enjoy this new issue of the NEW PCLinuxOS Magazine. This month's cover is by Timeth, winner of the PCLinuxOS Mascot competition with his entry of "Dobie the Bull," and commemorates that "Back To School" time of year.

To the magazine staff and all who have contributed to this month's issue, I'd like to send out a huge thank you. And, to the PCLinuxOS community, thanks for giving us the audience with your readership, and thank you to every member of the PCLinuxOS community for your contributions in making this one of the best — if not the best — Linux distribution around.

Paul Arnote [parnote]
PCLinuxOS Magazine Chief Editor